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  1. That is hilarious but ofcourse not a good thing todo but still funny asf.
  2. the new jetpacks are fine.
  3. |Stryker|

    ¯ \_(ツ)_/¯

    "I could find the radius of the sun and calculate the amount of hydrogen atoms inside of ye mum"
  4. @LordTrilobiteGotta love trilobite and @Guskywalkerthe real MVP for bringing this to our knowledge
  5. +1 known Mack for a long time well deserving of PAC.
  6. Try this https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1114443719 If that don't work.. unsub from all the addons and sub to them 1 by 1 or in batches of 4 and keep rejoining till you figure out which addon is causing the issue
  7. Nevermind about what I said... Someone forged an image and sent it to me......
  8. |Stryker|

    JT Jetpacks

    I don't know how much I can say but this issue is being address and all I can say is give it a bit of time to get implemented. Lots of code to go over and make sure there's no problems.
  9. this map makes me wish there was clonewarsRP
  10. So this is a Gmod map of the Venator, That can be changed ingame from either Republic decals to imperial decals. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1257128301 The amount of detail in this map is unreal.. now i want clone wars or imperial life on a Venator star destroyer
  11. We don't know who we are. Happy 2018.
  12. |Stryker|

    WELCOME TO 2018

    Wrong, This is not the First post of 2018 as it is not 2018 and your timezone is inferior to mine.
  13. I believe Cody's chest plate is his own, And I didn't make the Cape.
  14. new years is in 3 hours, Don't meme me boi.
  15. This opinion no longer matters he betrayed my friends.
  16. Yeah dude he is back already.
  17. That cat looks petrified to be here.
  18. I fixed it easily. I would rather never play Gmod again then hard reset my PC.
  19. |Stryker|

    Need help (Resolved)

    as soon as I get to "sending client info" after a few seconds my game just straight up closes with no errors or anything. Fixed my issue.
  20. I can't not see starkiller, Hes burnt into my mind VADERS TRUE APPRENTICE BRING HIM TO STARWARS REBELS NOWWWWW
  21. You know that ended 5 days ago?
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