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  1. Oh theres your issue, Spotted it right there in the corner of my eye.. It seems to be that you are playing on a laptop... Probably best to chuck it out and grab a desktop This is legitimate support, Laptops are good for like a month before they start to die no matter how expensive they are.
  2. |Stryker|


    Love you hisoka <3 :3 huhuhu arcsunite
  3. |Stryker|

    Ban Appeal.

    +1 Seems he is sorry, Definitely deserves another chance if hes still trying to get unbanned this long down the road
  4. dude probably thought, hey i do this and I'll get the death penalty... Hopefully they dont and instead they give him multiple life sentences in a prison... would be funny as fuck to see his reaction to that.
  5. I've actually de-blacked out all the text and all your secrets are now mine... lata
  6. In-Game Name: Executive Director Stryker Steam Name: |Stryker| Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Stryker__ In-Game Playtime: 5 Weeks 8 hours And Now... A GIF for goodluck
  7. I thought you coming back would be the end of the strange format you write posts in. I was wrong....
  8. I'm sure that the Senior Staff team will come up with a way to make everyone happy on this new map, We just have to wait and see what they have in mind.. Hopefully Whitey gets to put an input in because I'm sure hes already brainstorming up the perfect scenario right now for any possible location changes.
  9. Once again the time has come for the next ISD Update, Today I will be the bearer of good news so that @Guskywalker can take a break . @LordTrilobite has just informed me that the Star Destroyer V2.2 release is LIVE!. Below are some screenshots of the new/updated areas and rooms. ~~~ATTENTION:At the moment of me writing this 2:51 AM AEST, the Infinite version still needed to be hotfixed (hes 100% most likely fixed it) just a small issue with the textures not working :3.~~~ These include; Reactor Interior (with power outage button), Updated Medbay (New Location), Updated lifts, MH2 extension and an Additional Tie Bay (4 in total) and many more new areas. Updated Visuals on Archways and buttons, as well the call fleet button now calls in 6 (was 3) Star destroyers with updated visual textures. Here comes a bunch of photos. New Maintenance Room on the Bridge. Updated Gunner station (Current ISB HQ) With Working Turbo Lasers! New Med-Bay Location (entrance of current ISB) New Generator Interior with elevator Access from the Engine Room. New Engine Room/Vents/General area access expansion (Details inside) Old Med-Bay (Current SCAR Bunks) All the clutter has been removed and now its just an empty room. All the bunks on first and Second floor have been introduced. (can probably get rid of the makeshift bunks now and save on PROP Limit @Martibo ) Expanded Tie Bays Main hanger 2 pathway expansion Updated Pilots Bunks (Now includes access to the tram without having to go through MH2)
  10. This movie was a mistake, Just like Holdo and Rose
  11. |Stryker|

    Keycards ;)

    M m m m Mor Mor MORE slave work? Oh o o o Ok. (Accurate Representation - COLOURIZED)
  12. |Stryker|


    Only People who "know de whey" can enter said bunks.
  13. didnt place, well life is over boys.
  14. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1282882637&searchtext=star+wars Animated AT-ST
  15. +1, Engineers and Navy/ISB have the most use for PAC in Roleplay and as an Engineer I feel he could really utilize this tool.
  16. CrashT-CrashT IDK, could be worth a shot at trying it on the server but it could be unstable as hell at 60+ players Aswell as open up so much possibilities for events, Protect the AT-AT/s whilst they march to there objective kinda like Battlefront
  17. +1, As an Engineer you can do alot with PAC so I definitely think you deserve it.
  18. back to top function. #BringBackBACKTOTOPFunction
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