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  1. Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum, Its smooth, slick and it does the mexican wave as a rainbow all the time if you want it to.. But It'll set you back 180-200 dollars, Ive had mine for almost a year now and it still works fine but hey everyone has there own peripheral preferences, I prefer Logitech over most other brands as I own a Logi Headset, Mouse and keyboard.
  2. got my answer, Goodluck to those who apply
  3. Could just remove BodyGroupR and make it so the tool version shows up targeted on your own character in the C menu whether you have tools or not so that people could access it for there roles.
  4. Teamspeak 5 Beta signup for those interested. https://www.teamspeak.com/en/downloads#ts5
  5. Archer did an alright job on TGC .... But from what I've seen and know about him he would do good in this position Plus Soup art +1
  6. Disney finally did something that goes into the direction of not killing starwars, and if were being honest there only doing this so they can get the starwars fanbase to back off with the toxicity... But hey, I was mad as fuck when they cancelled this and its coming back... Dave filoni is the greatest person to ever be apart of starwars and im just so excited words cant describe it. So heres a picture..
  7. maybe, If we have helmets like this hell yeah.. Devtac Ronin Tactical Ballistic Helmet
  8. You should talk to an admin.
  9. Hello, Have you tried directly connecting to the server via IP through your console? try this in your console. connect Uh its ~ to open your console but it might be shift + ~ in the main menu
  10. Hello, I was here a while ago then I left.. Now I'm back but only for the Arma 3 Starwars Milsims so if you play that then hope to catch you in an OP or training exercise some day. I will probably play some gmod occasionally, just getting bored and worn out over it aswell as just focusing more on other games such as anything I enjoy and also Arma 3 SW Milsims obviously.. Also if you are on the fence about the SW Milsim I definitely recommend you give it a try, I participated in my first Operation today and it was really fun and enjoyable.
  11. haha thanks, Yours is good to, you should also look into some cinematic camera addons aswell and some effects you could put on lightsabers either ingame or outta game to spice them up abit to can't wait to see how you progress.
  12. Posing is a good way to pass time or enjoy yourself in single player, it takes time and a little patience but its always cool to see something that even looks a little cinematic.. I messed around a bit with posing back in the day... don't wanna fill out an entire page so its in a spoiler
  13. No need to go ahead and act childish.. Just didn't know he had one.
  14. that won't work, I'll let you figure it out.
  15. never even said goodbye..
  16. |Stryker|

    Better Models

    Informing the poster not you....
  17. |Stryker|

    Better Models

    there are 4 different versions of the prophet models, IG only uses the 4th though
  18. Id play but they still havnt added new guns so no point
  19. hehe everyone probs thinks your going to [REDACTED] There pretty damn supportive
  20. o7 Hope you find something that is worth your time and effort You were truly a great Senior Administrator
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