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  1. -Support No SteamID (Lazy) You say 2 to 3 weeks yet ingame you only have 1 day and 17hours of actual playtime, If you have been around for 2-3 weeks thats an average of just over an hour a day or very on and off playtime. The application is very minimal, It seems like little to no effort was put into it. I would suggest sticking with the community for a little longer and spending alot more time on an application and really flushing out all aspects. I don't wish to disrespect anyone on there applications but My former position before I joined IG was in staff management and I will critique most applications harshly. Time to put on the gloves. To improve this application I suggest putting some time aside and really thinking about the position. You are not just applying to and i quote You are applying your time and dedication to a server so that you may perform events. Events are a big part of the STARWARSRP environment and you showing little to no effort on an application for such an important role it could be taken as a sign of disrespect, It shows that you really don't care and that you are only applying because you just want a "easy" position of power. Of course I could be wrong but this had to be brought up.
  2. Hey Jonno, Congratulations on escaping from Enviousity finally
  3. So right now Chat is kinda hard to distinguish between Comms and normal ooc/chat So I am suggesting a quality of life update for this aspect of the server. It's pretty simple to do and its very useful in the longterm. Comms, Make the (COMMS) have a different text colour or (COMMS) itself be a different colour, I would suggest yellow as it stands out the most in text chat. Coloured text (COMMS) Navy Guy: Enemy Ships inbound Coloured COMMS (COMMS) Navy Guy: Enemy Ships inbound Also I am suggesting the addition of ECOMMS, Ecomms is Enemy Comms, You can limit this chat command to the Event jobs so that only they may have access to it and basically its so they people can distinguish comms from enemy Example for ecomms /ecomms Imperial StarDestroyer coming out of hyperspace! (Enemy Comms) Rebel Commander: Imperial StarDestroyer coming out of hyperspace! or (Enemy Comms) Rebel Commander: Imperial StarDestroyer coming out of hyperspace!
  4. Don't worry about spoilers my dude, even with them the episode on monday will be worth the wait.
  5. Hello there and welcome officially
  6. I'm not here to dis you or get on anyone's bad side, I would just like to say from what I have personally seen you seem somewhat mingy but this behavior could have just been a spark of the moment, Maybe your age would come into this factor as you have not properly matured yet. Either way i wish you the best of luck. Last night as of 22/08/ so the 21/08 you where a huge minge towards ISB so I am changing from neutral to -SUPPORT.
  7. I believe the correct term is smashing, destroying or annihilating. These are some great ideas, Idk how i feel about a 2nd server for events, Yes it could be good but It will split the player base during events i feel. and onto the topic of gmod servers struggling with 90+ people we need to remember that servers ship with 32 slots as a recommended player limit and you require a dedi box to get above it. so starwarsRP is really pushing the limits of Gmods multiplayer netcode.
  8. there were rumors of a last jedi rp server coming out after the movie but i doubt it... TGC officially closed this time for good not maintenance.
  9. That's a good question chemist.
  10. Hello, I now play on IG because i have nothing else to do.... Yes i am Stryker, Yes i am from TGC/AUSFORCE.... Yes I am the stryker who managed TGC and Ausforce clonewars and imperial (General stryker/ thrawn).... Yes I know you probably know me.. thats great. But I'm here to play and enjoy my time and not get harassed okay... I am like you just a player who is spending his/her time on a server. Nice meeting you all and I'm sure its nice to see all the old TGC/AFG members who know me. I don't believe I have met any actually IG staff yet (except 1 person but barely) so hello all. I did speak to caboose abit when he joined the AFG imp server one night before it closed down. thought I would throw this in, I'm in the SCAR regiment. And a little bit about me, I'm generally chill but I don't like bullshit.. I know some lua since i did infact design the imperialRP server I managed.... I play Playerunknowns BG and gmod...
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