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  1. This is an Aussie Garrysmod community. Why do we need to know this.
  2. one of the addons is tryna leech people. this popped up in my chat when i was revived, I'm sure your developers will be able to find it and remove it. POSTED HERE CAUSE THERES NO REPORT ISSUES / BUGS in the clonewars section.
  3. well its not in any of the general discussion/media sections so it doesn't exist in my eyes. also had a quick look and couldn't see it anywhere so no?
  4. https://store.steampowered.com/app/976730/Halo_The_Master_Chief_Collection/ get hype
  5. @Whiteyfor MVP of the year tbh.
  6. silver 4 skill bracket so good omegalul
  7. hey its probably gonna be a decent game and its great to see so many people getting involved like a community with this and putting the effort into forming your own faction and sure theirs all these promises from Mr Roberto but, I just feel like with a starting budget of $1.5 million that has since raised to just about $200 million you would think that they would have a little more done by now.
  8. 7 years later... You think by now they'd actually have something done
  9. narh mines more informative
  10. So if you are interested in Destiny 2 then its great to be you, Right now you can head over to Battle.net and login or create an account and then redeem a free copy [*This offer ends 18th of November*] of the game in the Gifts section. This is just the base game but for the low price of $55 AUD you can get the Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion. Obviously the base game is free which is great but with the forsaken expansion you get access to a years worth of DLC and content that can keep you busy for months. The game has a really good element to it and its also got a large amount of content to keep you busy with, Many exotic quests and hidden missions aswell as Raids that feature unique puzzles and challenging encounters. And its always nice to see people you know whilst roaming around the game. Also they added Titles to the game and if you complete a bunch of triumphs some can be pretty damn challenging you get a cool title under your name ingame which is nice to strive for Anyway just thought I would let everyone know since its free.
  11. |Stryker|

    128/128 Players

    Ladies and Gentlemen... We got him... Osama Bin Laden has been confirmed KIA as of 2330 last night.
  12. Can't wait to run into restricted areas to explore, its always funnier when the red bois are on your tail. heck I'll have to reinstall gmod again to checkout this map
  13. looks very Darkrp and not much starwars, idk about that font aswell. other then that looks alright. also having like the f3 menu and stuff in here aswell and a more indepth player tab that shows you peoples Utime and steam link. and please make the text color on the promote/demote buttons white or black or unique like IG blue, idk would just make it flow better on the eyes.
  14. the model is the best on the workshop but It hasn't been updated so its probably still broken with TFA Starwars guns.
  15. trilobite said he wouldn't port his maps over, but that was months ago so who knows now
  16. I will now watch this movie.
  17. +1 Known Piano for 2 years, Hes my long lost brother and is Deserving of PAC. Hes very responsible and would do great things.
  18. Stay Strong Archer, Like the Chief.
  19. I don't fear anything ~Stan the Camera Man
  20. just contact the warning staff members and if they actually want to cooperate with you and talk about the situation and actually listen to you then theirs probs a chance of the warns being revoked
  21. I've seen allof these in r/showerthoughts
  22. Its exclusive till someone joins either there server or IG and downloads the map and puts it on there own server. But King Pommes is a smart guy, he'll probs just throw a customcheck on the map and if your not the server listed itll be a black screen that says some cool stuff. But anyone with a brain can get around that.
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