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  1. Has good Intentions, Next time just make sure you contact someone in the DevTeam before you do it so we know what's going on and can relay it amongst the team. Also went through the appeal process instead of just asking to be unbanned, respect +support.
  2. Delta's got a way with words. You have my Support good luck gamer!
  3. I worked very closely with Caboose in the early and late days of our time in EG together and he's a genuine guy from all interactions I've had with the man and he's one of the kindest and most passionate guys you'll meet online.. Sure everyone has there moments and that's what we do.. we mess up and we live and learn from it and it shapes our futures and reminds us of our past. I never experienced all the negative rumors about Caboose and I spent a lot of time and late nights in voice chats with this guy planning out the server with the team we had so that it could be the best experience we
  4. Mouse really do be hella talented.
  5. In no way did CFP strike me as a very useful regiment.. The regiment caused alot of issues and was very much dead most of the time, the only time it had players was when it was first introduced and was just a group of friends who just used it as a powerhouse for themselves. I mean I'm not 100% against it but you gotta reflect on the past faults of the regiment whether it was its implementation or the members of it and you gotta think should it come back the "same" or should it come back as something else with a well written ideology or should it just not come back at all.
  6. gmod update reverted the toolgun sound back to default.
  7. Imperial Guard models when?
  8. I'll be the valet since they don't want me on stage.
  9. im not a fan of live songs, but this one.. this ones a banger. https://youtu.be/W95X207kQxU
  10. Pop pop pop, pop pop.

    1. Cracked
    2. Crispin


      hey stryker man how are you

  11. I've seen you on another Imperial server and you've really pulled your head in and put in alot of effort to staying genuine with it and if your ready to do that here then you have my +1 aswell, Gl kid.
  12. if u microwave ur cereal your a complete weirdo
  13. yo @Clover why is your banner a stormtrooper running through the halls of a First Order stardestroyer. and also like coldwar ewwwww.
  14. What's up with cheese anyway?

  15. Stryker

    A simple game.

    my guess is something related with the "Saw" franchise and the whole lets play a game spiel and like its halloween or something?
  16. Clone Wars obviously however I really enjoyed Rebels. Hyped as for Mandalorian S2 and then there's also the rumors of the Rebels sequel show which I am super hyped and hoping that its real.
  17. Accepted, Welcome to the Team. @Bailey your service is needed and appreciated.
  18. Welcome back to the development team Hideoyoshi, Next time please put in an LOA to test the waters before resigning @Bailey do the thing! please
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