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  1. Zach


    Become a legendary ST Commander
  2. Zach


    How do you plan to balance your Commander position with being Head Event Master of another server?
  3. Essentially this. We had this addon on Fade for quite some time, and whilst it was visually quite impressive, and fun to toy around with, it was near impossible to use as an actual combat system, particularly in anything other than extremely close quarters.
  4. This individual was never a staff member on Fade.
  5. Couldn't it heal dependant on maxhealth?
  6. In my experience, metagame is one of those things that a lot of people tend to do, intentionally or not. To more casual roleplayers, there may not appear to be anything immediately wrong about metagame, despite it's profound impact on roleplay. In order for it to be combatted effectively, metagame needs to be clearly addressed in its own right, with various examples provided, as well as an explanation as to why it is unacceptable. Simply telling a recruit not to FailRP, or to always RP when above X ammount of players is hardly educational, and can lead to subpar troopers and roleplayers in the end.
  7. Whilst it is undoubtedly a useful feature, one of the primary issues that it is very easy to be misused, particularly when escorting a cuffed prisoner through a group of individuals. People, at times, have had a tendancy to gag/blindfold the individual with little to no reason.
  8. Zach

    Firing range

    It appears it will be utilized for regimental bunks.
  9. Right, but he's not suggesting we add more of them. Rather, that we simply replace our current dispensers with more role-play friendly ones.
  10. Not sure if this will have any relevance, but you have been caught minging on multiple servers multiple times as of late, even as recent as today, which makes me question your authenticity.
  11. The immaturity in this post is absoloutely shocking. Ignoring the fact that you just derailed your own application, you haven't used the correct template, your events clearly have very little thought put into them, and you've opted to reject the advice of those trying to help you. -1
  12. Aim is more or less irellevant when you have spread this large.
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