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  1. It was in the mess hall when no one was there and it wasn't pornography it was gore but apparently it was pornography that's what I meant
  2. PEACE!?!?!?

    Ban Appeal

    In-game alias: JamburgerYour SteamID:STEAM_0:1:124804490When was the ban:5/8/17How long is the ban:PermanentWhich admin banned you:RebelExplain the situation:Well I was in the mess hall and I opened up OBS and started recording for youtube and I had a few mates over and I went off to get them all a drink so they went onto the TV and played pornographic videos and when I came back I was banned.Why you deserve a second chance:I believe that I should get a second chance because it wasn't my fault and yes I could've done something to stop it like not letting them near my computer but what do you
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