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  1. I would like to see you overthrow the Supreme Prophet either in game or in some written story. I know that if I was the Emperor and this was handled properly then I would not PK you for treason. The emperor would enjoy seeing someone step up unless it threaten him. Also Demonic you sound like the best prophet, not saying I don't like the other. I also agree the tournament idea is a little old.
  2. Frenchy and Emerald are some of the good friends I've made on this server, and this is one of the reasons I think they are great, because the RP so hard they got married.
  3. Will do, I've been offline the last two days due to sickness, but I'll be on ASAP.
  4. - What is your steam name?: TheAwesomeSimmo - What is your in-game name & rank: HK 51 Valara - How old are you?: 21 - How much time have you played in Garry's Mod?: 1483 Hours - Do you have a microphone?: Yes - How long have you been a part of the Imperial Gaming Community?: Since the end of July, so 6 months - How well would you rate your building abilities?: Above Average - I can use most tools, I've built sets and maps for friend's server. I'll be honest I'm probably a 3-4/10 with reference to winches, hydraulics, etc. - How well would you rate your a
  5. Simmo

    Keycards ;)

    Cool, makes sense.
  6. Simmo

    Keycards ;)

    @Martibo So how does Area Access work for droids, if they join Sith, ISB or Navy then there would have different area access and what areas are considered accessible by them normally?
  7. @LordTrilobite I know this is a lot to ask, but is it possible at one point to add more rooms near Brig for Shock Offices and possibly interrogation. The brig had a lot more space before the current update, and currently the halls around brig and debrief can't be properly converted into required areas.
  8. As Shock I see this as too much, so -1,
  9. I know this is technically engineers job right now, but I love this idea, good for a intense RP regiment. so +1.
  10. Simmo

    Joint Chief Idea

    Here are my suggestions, just to make the council more balanced. Obviously it's to advise Emperor Palpatine, so he and Vader are always invited. But limiting it to Brigadier+ would be an issue, so I suggest Commander+ and a vote for temporary members. My suggestion of members is below. So 16 members in total, but only 2-IC of members are allowed to attend in place of Commander of Brigadier. So Permanent Members could be; Security {2 Max} ISB [Colonel+] Shock/RT Commander/Brigadier [Due to importance to arrests and security] Navy {2 Max} Navy [Commodore+] P
  11. Shock and Riot Tryout Annoncement We have had several responses, we are unable pick more than 3 new Shock members, so we are doing a tryout tonight and sometime in the next few days. These people have been picked in the initial selections ; McGrady Mars Will Valkyrie Nyan Finny Jones The Tryouts will occur at 7:30pm AEDT [6:30pm AEST]. Depending on event finish, Location TBA after Event.
  12. - SHOCK AND RIOT TRYOUTS - Spots Open: 4 Shock and 3 Riot [2-3 max will be accepted per tryout] Job Description: The task of Shock and Riot Troopers are to maintain law and order, detain law breakers and ensure the security of the Star Destroyer and Rishimoon Imperial Outpost. For further info message Shock and Riot Troopers and/or myself if you have questions. Requirements: Firstly fill out the form provided; https://goo.gl/forms/OQDrrNubL4z2AXUv1 Secondly, an announcement will be made by myself or another SK/ RT Officer in-game and/or on the forum
  13. So can we make an Imperial Gaming Clone Wars RP Map? @Wolf Also would definitely help build, and get a regiment running if needed.
  14. Simmo

    Happy New Year

    +1 For being a Meme yourself.
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