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  1. +1 From me, I have worked with Demonic a fair bit in his role of Bossk, and I have found him to be mature and responsible. He's a quality role-player and one of the rare few who, in my experience, is immune to the lure of metagaming. I have no reason to think that he would abuse the trust placed in him were he granted PAC3.
  2. Well, you can rule out anyone ranking Junior Agent or above, as they have cream jackets instead of white.
  3. Beautiful. I doubt any loyal Imperial could help but be moved by such a stunning performance.
  4. I've also noticed this. Every time Inferno come down to the medbay for training or RP, there's usually a few people who insist on barging in or shouting at the medics through the doors. However, I am also aware of how thinly Shock is stretched lately, and how difficult it is to provide proper training for them when they're needed almost 24/7 to provide security. I agree that it is absolutely a problem and you guys have enough to put up with without being constantly badgered. I've been thinking about possible solutions, and here's what I have so far. 1) The theoretically easiest but possi
  5. This. Task Force 99 are SCAR troopers in the lore of Star Wars. TF99 models are far more lore-friendly than what SCAR currently uses. I quite like a few of these addons, especially the neutral droids, Nar Shadaa NPC's, TF99 and Flametrooper models. The AI ideas also look promising, though I'm nowhere near informed enough to comment further on such things. All in all, good finds
  6. Hi new Rebel sympathiser! I am new and also wish to join Rebels. Silly Empire cannot shoot and also has trouble sitting. We should join Rebels together.
  7. Reeducation for everyone!
  8. I absolutely love this idea - so much that I've already been putting it into motion myself. Inferno's already got regular joint training with the Pilot regiment, are in the process of negotiating regular training with DT/MT, and we're looking for more regiments to learn new things from and have fun RP interactions with. If you're interested in some joint training with Inferno, feel free to PM me in-game (Garrick Versio) or on the forums.
  9. I absolutely second this idea. Since I re-founded Inferno, I've talked a lot with the Pilot regiment, even worked alongside them both in training and events, and I've definitely seen their plight up-close. In events without fighters or dropships, there's not a whole lot for them to do. They're surprisingly patient at waiting for events where they can shine, and that's to be commended. But (and as Inferno fill in when there are no pilots available for events, I've seen this first-hand) it is incredibly frustrating when you've been assigned a job, and can't do it because it takes 5+ minutes
  10. +1 from me. Absolute top bloke, Inferno wouldn't have gotten anywhere near as far as it has without him.
  11. Defibs are going to be an absolute game-changer when it comes to RP. Excited.
  12. Vanilla Malt, m8. Works so well with blue dye.
  13. Thanks for clearing that up. I'm finding that there are a lot of unwritten RP rules, and generally I'm only finding out about them when I accidentally break them. It's a bit frustrating, but oh well. Hi to you both! Glad to be here GENERAL KENOBI! You are a bold one! Hi there! Stolen any Sith holocrons lately? ;P
  14. Hi Gaben, thanks for the welcome Hermes (and congrats on 200 posts!) I've a quick question if anyone has the time: I'm trying to find out how/when to tell if the Server is IC or OOC, and what changes it from one to the other. Would anyone be able to clear this up, or provide a link to useful info on the subject? Cheers.
  15. G'day all. Newcomer to GMOD here, but definitely not new to Star Wars RP games. Looking forward to having some fun times with you all!
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