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  1. This drink will turn any first date into a successful, ongoing relationship. Worked for me ;^)
  2. +1. I worked with Twinkie in my short tenure as a member of the Imperial Navy, and he at no times showed any mingy tendencies. I feel he could be trusted with PAC. EDIT: As the former Commander of Inferno Squad, I'm also aware that the droid role did not have much to do in RP - I feel that PAC would help give the droid more options to interact with others and deepen the RP of not only Inferno Squad, but the server itself.
  3. The issue with IC isn't that they're extremely powerful. You're right in that in-lore, they were insanely skilled and well-equipped. Said equipment was far too expensive to mass-produce. The issue is with their numbers. In the lore, the GAR Special Operations Brigade consisted of 5,000 Commandos immediately after Geonosis. Out of an army of 3,000,000 that is a mere 0.16%. By the end of the Clone Wars, that number had been reduced to approximately 1,000. That number comes before 19 years of hunting force-sensitives, deserter Clones, and other extremely dangerous targets. Assuming that the
  4. So what you're suggesting is essentially a special forces version of the Scout Trooper regiment. That is pretty much the role of the Storm Commandos, or possibly Inferno if SC are unavailable.
  5. Hello all, I just wanted to make a little thread to let everyone know that I will no longer be logging onto the Imperial Gaming server. I feel that the sheer size of the server has forced a different kind of RP experience than the one I am looking for - the need for multiple canon characters to be on the same ship so the staff get taken seriously, the sheer amount of regiments and the (sadly necessary due to the limited options EM's have thanks to the server size) repetitive events has pushed my suspension of disbelief to the breaking point, and I find myself no longer having fun on the s
  6. Actually, I'm going to rescind my application.
  7. >Imperial Commandos. >Limited numbers. >Literally the largest regiment in the server, with 13(!) slots. ;^) Nerf IC, buff VF.
  8. Bah, humbug! (But srsly, cheers my dude). I would, but isn't it your turn to run the Emperor's sponge bath? ;^)
  9. The DC-17m rifles were exclusive to the Republic Commandos and their post-Order 66 incarnation, the Imperial Commando Special Unit. To my knowledge, no other military force in the history of Star Wars have used them. A case could be made for the DC-17 pistol, as the 501st did have access to those back when they were a clone unit (Before ICSU and SC were a thing), and notable characters such as Captain Rex and ARC-5555 dual-wielded them as their speciality. However, the 501st as a whole are exceptionally overpowered as it is: Between Imperial Commandos, Storm Commandos and yourselves,
  10. +1 I've always endeavoured to make a backstory for my characters (except Iden Versio, she's got a backstory ready-made), but that might just be because I'm used to D&D where a backstory's kinda required. I'll work on a dossier for my character, pretty it up in a google doc and put it in my signature. Just so you know, he's a magical fox princess from another dimension, and also a Time Lord. ;^)
  11. I've got >20 +1's on my PAC App and 10+ years of role-playing experience, so I should be able to help out if you need.
  12. If anything, that's what ISB is for.
  13. I love this idea. Well done.
  14. Someone kick this over to AWRT. Pretty sure they could weaponize it.
  15. Most Regiments have a similar numbering system, which harks from the "TK-421" designation from the original Star Wars movie. Nothing wrong with that.
  16. Except that pilots and engineers already exist as Regiments, with flying and building/fixing being pretty much their sole jobs. Again, it's the law of Inverse Ninjitsu in action - if every regiment can fly, build and fix, that makes those regiments largely pointless. I know Pilots in particular have enough trouble with stuff to do as it is.
  17. I'm honestly a little surprised that more Regiments don't use squads in their organisation. With Regiments getting larger and larger, delegation would help keep some of the strain off of the Regimental Commanders.
  18. Something tells me that if this kind of thing was as easy to implement as we might hope, it'd have been done a long time ago.
  19. Not counting unique characters like Vader, Revan, Marr and of course the Emperor, there's exactly 25 "Sith" slots on the server.
  20. I feel that this could work, and I absolutely love the idea of small, 'elite' regiments on the server that players can work their way up towards and aspire to, but it is a very slippery slope for a very good reason. The law of Inverse Ninjitsu - If you fight one Ninja, it's an incredible challenge, but for each ninja you add, the less special each one becomes. There's a point where something powerful, rare and special becomes too diluted by numbers to be considered anything other than commonplace anymore. Both "Elite" regiments and "Sith" (those with access to sabers/force powers)
  21. From the argument I overheard a couple of days ago between someone who's rank is too high for me to risk divulging, and one of the people in this picture, I can imagine that everyone relevant to this already knows. So, let's respect their privacy, eh? No need to publicly embarrass someone.
  22. +1 Detailed application. Clearly has a good knowledge of PAC and its limits. Active, dedicated to the server. Mature, responsible attitude. Wouldn't abuse. Already has become a valued member of Inferno, has gone above and beyond to help the regiment.
  23. I've had a little think about this issue, and I have a counter-proposal, I'll suggest it at the Commander's Meeting tonight.
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