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  1. NAME: Arias Mercer DOB: 23/01/12 Before Empire AGE: 27 Years PARENTS: Mical Mercer (deceased), Ynifr Mercer (Imperial DiploServ) HOMEWORLD: Devil's Moon, Wild Space RANK: Private REGIMENT: Stormtrooper Corps KNOWN AFFILIATES: PRE-IMPERIAL HISTORY: ACADEMY TRAINING: FIRST TOUR OF DUTY: SECOND TOUR OF DUTY (CURRENT): PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: Assessment 01: 16/06/14ANE, Dr Gwah Broke (Imperial Medical Corps, Psychology Department)
  2. Crikey. That's a lotta changes.
  3. +1. Is good people, was good Inferno, has done very well with PAC so far.
  4. I've compiled my thoughts on the problems facing IG into a few categories. I know these will likely be pretty controversial, and many I've already stated in some form or another, so I have 0 expectations of anything being acted on, but I feel like they need to be said. This time, I've tried to include not only problems, but possible solutions as well. Unfortunately, a lot of them are based heavily on the sheer size and popularity of the server, and therefore are difficult (bordering on impossible) to completely remove. Especially as very few people care about sticking to lore to the extent I d
  5. Give me a day or so to put all of my points together.
  6. Awesome! I don't know too much about the Sith Marauders. I'll have to do a bit of research.
  7. Fair enough my dude. Just try not to put too many Talon commanders into the firing range, eh? ;^) Eyyyy, it's the Emerald! Actually, I need to have do a witness interview with you in-game. See you soon. Cheers dude. Got any more reports for me to do? I get the feeling I haven't done enough yet this week. Thanks dude, hopefully if I can get away from the paperwork desk I'm chained to, I'll meet you in-character sometime. Eyyyy, thank'ee kindly. What Reg are you even in nowadays? Cheers Sentry. You were a great Inferno member, a
  8. Another question: The charter says you must attend ALL Events. How strictly enforced is this? I've got a semi-hectic real life and a relationship I'd rather like to keep, so there's no way I'd be able to make every event ever.
  9. Completely understandable. I know PAC is a slow process, so I'm not expecting an approval immediately, or even anytime soon. Today was a slow day, so I thought I'd get the app done - one less thing on my list of stuff to do.
  10. Fair enough my dude. I thought it meant the religious term, which was a bit of a red flag for me.
  11. A question: The rules say that "Blasphemy" is not allowed. I'd appreciate it if someone defined this for clarification.
  12. I left the server for personal reasons a couple of months ago, and only returned two days ago. In that time, I was promoted as an ST after an event for role-playing, and accepted into ISB, and conducted myself well enough that I was deemed worthy of a second promotion. So, yes, I'd say I've been active since I returned. Also, I just had a quick play on a single player server, and did a basic body swap for Iden Versio. This one replaces the head with a female model, fixes up some of the proportions and replaces the chest, back and belt armour with a black Stormtrooper model, in order to b
  13. I am not surprised - I went by Arias back before ISB changed their bunks to the new location. I have spent the majority of my time on the server as Iden Versio - I was Iden when you were made commander of the Jump Troopers. I have checked, and unfortunately I lost all of my PAC builds when my PC died a couple of weeks ago. I'm using my girlfriend's PC until I can build a new one. However, I will work on what I had and upload screenshots. Entirely understandable. I was off the server for the past couple of months.
  14. Thank you for letting me know about that, I didn't realize the playtime didn't copy over correctly. I've fixed the issue. Cheers, here's hoping I do too
  15. MOFF WIBBLES' PAC APPLICATION: Q1: What is your in-game name? In order from most recent to least recent, I have gone by the following names: Arias Mercer - Senior Constable in the ISB (Current) Drazin - Lance Corporal in the Stormtroopers Racer Maser I - Senior/Able Crewman in the Imperial Navy (Cannot remember which) Iden Versio - Commodore and Commander of Inferno Squad (Character now belongs to Maxine) Garrick Versio - Line Captain and Commander of Inferno Squad (Character now belongs to Pablo) Arias Mercer - Master Operative in the ISB (O
  16. Nah m8, Maxine and Pablo.
  17. I accidentally traded in my game package to get an LTI Gladius and an Archimedes back in 2.5. I hated the Stalker a little too much for my own good ;^)
  18. Have a computer again. Mine's finally gasped its last. Rejoin Inferno. Not as leader (I ain't got the moxie for that), but as a member. I miss my baby. Get PAC3. The RP opportunities are endless. Hopefully I can beat the 20+ +1's I had last time. Become an officer again. My salute key is showing serious signs of wear and tear. Get my midichlorian count at least into the double digits. 9 is just embarrassing.
  19. +1. Solid role-player, mature person, strikes me as unlikely to minge.
  20. This is EXACTLY the kind of character-driven storytelling that drew me to RP in the first place. Bravo. Imperial Gaming needs more of this kind of thing.
  21. From what I can tell, these guys are basically AWRT - lore wise, they're the scientists and researchers working on the advanced weapons for the Empire. Therefore, I find it very odd that they're under Tarkin's control, instead of Krennic, who was the actual director of the Advanced Weapons Research Technologies department of the Empire. A sign of Tarkin taking direct control of the DS-I project? Interestingly, this would actually move the timeline of the Imperial Gaming server forward, from 'just before Rogue One' to 'halfway through it', as Tarkin DOES take over AWRT from Krenn
  22. PM'd my response. No need to clog the thread with unrelated discussion.
  23. Honestly, I'd say Recon is more SC's job than IC's.
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