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  1. I 100% agree i don't think your mature enough and in the past i have seen you do very bad things -1
  2. Whilst I am bumping this I have to remind people I have completely changed this from when I first uploaded this so it would be appreaciated if you could go through and fell if meccercary change your vote thank you
  3. ok cool well im actually adding some new pacs very soon
  4. definatly +1 ive known you for along time and i beleive you ould be a good EM if your coming back to the server
  5. Thank you both I have actually been working on the pac I will use for the server which is my eng pac and when it’s done I’ll put it up
  6. Pics have been added feel free to say what you will
  7. Sorry image links are bugging out I’ll fix them tomorrow I’ll do an updated comment when done
  8. What is your In-game name: Cleuna Mars (Kolto) Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:163886415 Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/pugsarecool89/ Play time: 2 weeks 4 days 14 hours, I had roughly 2 weeks before server wipe then 4 days after wipe. Have you used PAC Before: Yes I use pac generally when im playing in a single player server i know generally how to use pac and am quite decent at it I also will use my pac to enhance rp. Why should you be trusted with PAC: Well i've been playing the server for nearly a year now. Whilst playing on the serv
  9. are these imperial awards tied to an event?
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