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  1. 13 hours ago, Veteran said:

    This is My Pac Submission.
    It is a female version of the Imperial Science officer that is seen in all eras of the cinematic universe ( Bad batch | Rogue one | Mandalorian )

    These Science Officers work with the engineering core and the medical under COMPNOR Imperial Science Bureau. They work in the progressions of technologies for the Imperial war machine or work on their other projects funded by the Empire for the future.





  2. 10 hours ago, Cammers said:

    This is a great app for a great member of this community.

    Interesting and detailed ideas and an overall well done application. Your behaviour on server is also very good and I have never had anything even close to an issue around you.

    oh, and you're my favourite medic :)



    100% agree with cammers here.
    Well detailed application and your event ideas are good 
    +1 :)

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  3. 2 hours ago, Anderson said:

    Easy +1 from me

    Now I can't say I have had extensive interactions with Storm on the server, but from the few that I have had and from what I have seen in general I am led to believe that he would be a good fit for the Event team. I honestly can't look back and think of any negative interactions with Storm.

    - Well detailed event ideas, I really like the fact that they are broken up into stages. I could see these actually working on the server.

    - Application itself has a good level of detail, answers are good.

    - Biggest positive for me is the fact that this will be his 4th attempt at applying for EM, showing that he is dedicated to the idea of being an EM.

    - Slight issues with Grammar in the application making some of it a bit more difficult to read and follow but not really a big deal.

    Also as a side note, please change that damn dark blue to something a bit more readable.

    I really agree with Anderson here.
    Great application :)

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