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  1. that was really difficult to watch
  2. Incredibly easy id say
  3. damn you crack
  4. I wanna be a pro Roblox defense player
  5. +1 I believe in second chances and reading you appeal it sounds like you are sorry and want to rejoin the server and im all for it. Good Luck
  6. Assignments been piling up and im an idiot who plays garry's mod instead of doing school, good though
  7. what are clothes, i have been naked my whole life
  8. i saw and was like oh damn its out then read the first line...
  9. Work/School Sleep and the cycle repeats
  10. me and my homies late to the party
  11. I love that day as well
  12. Cya Mandor, I will always enjoy the moments I spent with you. o7
  13. Short but sweet, what day do you look forward to the most during the week. I love Monday's and am always excited for it.
  14. Honestly the game reminds me of the Mad Max game a lot.
  15. It doesn't rain where I live, but if it were to I would be playing the server.
  16. Thank you thank you. Im quite the actor.
  17. Is there not already a cap on CL3's in regiments though?
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