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  1. Yay!!!! Congrats on one year, first time I saw you was when the Indian School of Business meme started
  2. Wombatiacus


    -1 due to the reasons stated above.
  3. Back only a day or two and has already built himself a amazing character. This man has no limits. Great Work Sully!
  4. Quite interesting. Looks fun though I can expect me to be in a few of these from now on
  5. The Messiah has returned to us Welcome back buddy <3
  6. Oooooo I can't wait to see who is on top
  7. Looks awesome, much better than I can do
  8. I'll see you round Sparx ;-; good luck out there <3 Farewell...
  9. If you like doing stuff like this then should do it in Source film make Its a very good tool to have and it may take you less time.
  10. +1 due to the reasons stated above.
  11. Pretty awesome gotta say I wouldn't have the time to do this haha
  12. Twas a good read, when I'm on my PC I will do up a proper response for you
  13. Don't be long and stay safe my man.
  14. +1 due to the reasons stated above.
  15. That's the only problem I see about it other than that +1
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