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  1. I'm also a reg from clone wars so nothing will really change
  2. I always love events when we get to fight rebels but a few more passive rp ones would be nice or we could put them together which what normally happens it starts off with negotiations then ends with a fire fight. When we do normal go to a planet to kill rebels it's normally the army having fun. Maybe we should do some more events where the navy gets more involved not just on the Comms if you know what I mean. but so far I like fire fights because I'm in a attack reg. just ty to make events that suit navy and the military. and don't forget to include pilots.
  3. It would be good and all but well I'm looking at it right now and wouldn't it make the server semi-serious because you give yourself weird hats I'm not sure at it.
  4. I think everyone should get a second chance, even tho I don't quite know what your talking about. Ive also known Mega for along-time. +1
  5. I heard about you getting banned but no one was told why. Can you give us a reason why?
  6. If someone said not to join my reg even in OOC I would pop them in the snout and then get little to rain hell down on them. >:)
  7. Yay I have a friend JK everyone is my friend too even you Gaben <3
  8. Wombatiacus


    You played that event character well you did things that you were meant to do and you were good at RP.
  9. Megumin what's your in-game name and rank I haven't seen you before I don't think...
  10. Wait so if I called another reg elite and then I said mine is not elite would I get in trouble for calling my own reg not elite? Which is an insult to my own reg would I be demoted?
  11. good bye my friend it will be hard seeing you go :'( Gaben don't leave us your the life of the party. but it is your choice if your not enjoying your self on server it's your choice. I hope I'll see you around :'"""""""""""(
  12. Yes I agree with this I've seen ban appeals like this before and it does look like he was just messing around, he also sounds like he didn't want to RP at all. -1 Think about what you did on this server to deserve this ban
  13. Wombatiacus


    I love fire fights its the only time i get to kill
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