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  1. Watch me drive this around when it comes out
  2. I’ll destroy your immersion and start wearing armour at Admiral
  3. We will have hundreds of Grand Admirals
  4. May the best gang win Can't wait to see some of those gang wars
  5. See you in a while Crocodile ;(
  6. Very nice indeed my Sith Roleplay consisted of me being in Prophets in 2017 and doing Jedi temple raids haha
  7. Ah yes I will continue my orbital bombardment of random villages and settlements then >:)
  8. That was a fun thing... It went from Christmas Eve in Christmas haha
  9. I watched this, this morning and I enjoyed it
  10. Those were some good times my man, some good times
  11. A lot of things happened in a small amount of time some were lied to like myself for self gain.
  12. Wombatiacus

    IG Awards Show

    I wasn't there but it very fun *Holds up 1st place trophy* cheers to all <3
  13. Awww sad I never made the final photoshop ;(
  14. Getting ready to take the L on those Rebels hehe
  15. Lol he turning into a crazy man
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