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  1. Can we get this point into action Bailey? You never know when you gonna need it
  2. Ladies Ladies, I can split my time between both of you @Jman1308 @SiegeMonkey
  3. Happy Valentines day everybody, I hope your evenings go well and if you don't have a valentine then just remember your seatbelt will hold you Have a great day
  4. Gotta set a Apple reminder for December this year Or December next year
  5. I don’t know how to start this… I’ll give it a good try, I have decided to resign and leave Imperial Gaming due to me wanting to do my best in schooling for my final year and to help with my mental issues. This was not an easy decision that I made but I feel was the right decision. It’s difficult to find the words to describe my experience whilst playing on Imperial Gaming for the past 3 years but all I can say is that it was extremely enjoyable, fun and filled with many many good memories. Every time I logged into the server I never knew what was going to happen, which filled me with exciteme
  6. God damn poor loose ends haha
  7. This looks like fun, MC: Wombatiacus, literally just my name
  8. Very nice, but is no one else going to point out in step 1's image there's a game called Genital Jousting
  9. Map looks really cool Wouldn't mind see that on the server often
  10. Wombatiacus


    Looked like fun haha
  11. It's been a good few years hasn't it, obviously with it's up and downs. I know from my experience that there has never really been any bad moments or experiences I've had with you. I remember my first interaction with you which was when I used my final staff powers as a Moderator to remove myself from 212th Brigadier down the ST's ranks then having Stevo. completely stripe me of those ranks by putting me down another 7 ranks (Still don't know how involved with that you were but that's the past). Then like Arcturusious I shot up through the ranks while you remained the loyal person you are and
  12. Yay Fortnite!!! But seriously though which one should we go for?
  13. This post shows the good content mine just shows the IGN version since for some reason I couldn't see the actual authentic content Plus I did poorly title my post soz <3
  14. It was 1:30am for me and I saw no one post anything about it so I went for it
  15. I guess I'll be the first one to give my input on this ban appeal. You seem quite sincere and apologetic about everything you have done which was Staff Disrespect, although you can't remember what you said since it was almost 3 years ago, you would have had to have said something really bad to have been permanently banned. I could be wrong, knowing that the Staff back in 2017 were extremely harsh when it came to decision making and handing out punishments. I'm going to assume it wasn't that bad and leave you with a +1 since your application is decently detailed, sincere, apologetic and since
  16. I have to agree with @Stathi and @Delta have said so far, thus means I am going with NEUTRAL. What you did was extremely stupid and toxic but you do seem sincere about it all together and are obviously determined to get back into the Community. I do believe a strict probation period would have to be put in place if you were to ever play on the servers again.
  17. So the final season of the Clone Wars is upon us, streaming next month of Disney+, I'd just like to ask what are your thoughts about it? What do you believe is going to happen that we don't know already... I would love to hear your thoughts on it and Disney as a whole
  18. I agree with this statement, the way it currently is, is pretty good right now.
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