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  1. I would very much want to see this
  2. Yes please, I'll be the heavy of course
  3. I hope one day I will get that damn ammo box ;( The ammo costs to much
  4. Tried to cut my head off rusty knife smfh
  5. Minecraft name: Wombatiacus I'm a sweat
  6. Those that were around back in 2017 would remember the Emperor vs DT fight that 212th got in on Honestly one of my funniest days on the server when I was 212th Brigadier and Trigon was DT Brigadier Mutiny!
  7. Beautiful work of art in my eyes
  8. This game has to much bad ass in it
  9. Wombatiacus


    Now this does put a smile on my face
  10. Amen to this, Amen to this.
  11. Welcome back my dude, I might be too 212th og for you sadly ;(
  12. Fizzy you stole my meme ;( from the discord but you have my permission of course <3
  13. Shock lives matter. ;)
  14. What you gonna do about it old man.
  15. Welcome back young man, I remember first seeing you in Engineers, made me want to due it which I did then I left due to other reasons but enjoyed it nonetheless. Glad your here
  16. Welcome back, I would have been 212th Brigadier around when you were
  17. That is the truth right there...
  18. I'm gonna miss you a lot Hammer You gave me many opportunities that I obviously took because they were always too good to refuse like the rank of AHC Major General once my time in Chimaera Squad had to come to an end. Thank you for always being there and supporting all regiments no matter what branch. Again gonna miss you alot
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