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  1. This is understandable, you should write up a document of recommended/suggested changes by your regiment members and hand that to Theta for approval and if that gets approved, schedule a meeting with Management who are involved with regimental load-out changes. Voicing your opinions like what you have done is another good way of doing it but I'd say writing a document and submitting would be much more efficient. Good read too.

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  2. Alright so every time and I mean every time I go to Subway I always get 12 inches of white bread goodness, I have a 2 pieces of that thicc schnitzel with that succulent old english cheese, toasted once to perfection, if it ain't toasted enough you gotta yeet that bitch back into the oven once more, then I throw some healthy shit like moist lettuce and some wet cucumber on it and for sauce I get white juicy sloppy mayonnaise... OHHHH YEAHHHHH baby and thats what I get for just under $13.

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