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  1. It was shit should have been stretched to 10 eps
  2. A good community meeting that I was totally apart of
  3. If we do teams again and I lose another year in a row I'm gonna be hella sad
  4. Well I'm currently studying to be in Accounting and Finance but I'm also studying a pathway into Psychology so I believe either an Accountant or a Psychologist.
  5. I find ways to get people killed so I have something to shoot.
  6. Looks pretty good, might have to try it
  7. I definitely do miss it... the thiccness of @Pro that is everything is idk fam
  8. Option number 1 and 2 look pretty good since the 3rd option causes a bit of player drops even with 128 slots being filled on a active basis, then if the option 3 fails it can cause a lot of unnecessary hatred and bad blood throughout the community causing people to leave like it has done previously. Option 4, I have nothing for because I can't think of one.
  9. Ngl I would get pretty frustrated if I medic was looking at my corpse with a tablet not defibing me I'd say keep it as a mechanic instead of a RP due to that reason and the fact that if you had to do that during a live battle you'd probably get killed before you can even whip out a defib.
  10. Welcome back Edwards, nice to see some old faces returning
  11. That's literally me waiting for 212th to one day return so I can take command of it again
  12. Great work on 2 years Phobia, get to 3 years+ and you'll feel like a boomer like me. <3
  13. Fucking oath, those were the best times not because I was the CO, it was because of all the lads in the regiment that made it such a great experience. <3 Congrats on 3 Years.
  14. I came out of retirement to say qt, alright bye now <3
  15. I remember when I was 212th Brigadier in 2017 that was the shit back in the day Hope to see it again and see the newer generations take command of this monumentally amazing regiment and continue it's positive reputation
  16. Yo my birthday is empire day that's lit this just makes my 18th even better
  17. We all know the Administration team work in the shadows, pulling strings Congrats @Auzii on Community Graphic Designer.
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