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  1. 14 hours ago, Jay Lamar said:

    Pelovski really requires no introduction, he has a long and rich history on the IG server. I have known him for a long time and have known him to be very capable with RP and other scenarios. He can not only participate in RP well, but he also creates RP for others enriching the server in general. He is very well known for his thourough planning for documents, this trait would be perfect for an Event master of IG. I think he would also be able to bring many new ideas to the table with his long experience on SWRP. He also brings a high level of responsibility to all things he does, there is no world he would abuse any of the powers granted to him. Overall an excellent choice for Event master.

    Huge +1 for this man

    +1 Jay summed it up pretty well, absolute lad would make a great Event Master. Good luck!

  2. 17 minutes ago, Edward said:

    Literally you say you never see me, that is because atm i am only a PFC of Shock, but im somewhat a Old Shock member, i was more around end of last year and start of this year, probs long before any of you young chaps. Also never see any of you on, literally confusing.

    Calm down Jamal don't pull out the nine. They are just saying they haven't seen you around doesn't mean its a bad thing it just means they haven't seen you around. Plus you are required to have a minimum of a week playtime. Once you got that you should re-apply. -1.

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  3. On 8/30/2020 at 9:22 PM, wflizzi said:


    Reasons listed below.


    • Ex-Staff (experienced)
    • Active
    • Mature
    • Approachable 
    • Trustworthy


    Goodluck Kippy :D

    +1 Fizzy covered everything perfectly, Good luck Kippy I hope you get it soon!

  4. On 9/10/2020 at 2:12 AM, Setsuna said:

    To conclude I believe you will make an excellent member of the staff team and I would love to see you representing the server as a Trial Moderator. I wish you good luck and its a +1 from me.

    +1 What Setsuna said on his reply basically covers all of it. You got my support ;) 

  5. 1 hour ago, Department said:

    On this somewhat auspicious day, with myself being somewhat inebriated, I briefly return this community to conform to the recent trend of ultimately pointless topics, and ask several questions of you all:

    1. Why/How are you all not dead yet?

    2. How fares the community?

    3. Have any recent changes greatly affected the social climate of the server (any juicy drama)?

    4. What's going on with the STs and ST Command?

    P.S. To old members of Widow Squad, I hope you are all doing well and are prospering.




    Hey Department <3

    1. We too strong.

    2. Pretty well not gonna lie, it should hopefully be improving soon.

    3. Fights between branches are still the same as old days but punishments aren't being thrown around anymore like the old days.

    4. ST Command is full of very great players, Colonel Joel and Lieutenant Colonel Tinky both are sick lads and the rest of them are amazingly great players.

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  6. +1 One of the best lads I have met on the server ;) Application is very detailed with all answers being very clear and answered to their full extent. Formatting is very nice and appealing to look at and grammar is spot on perfect. Greyback your an absolute gentlemen on the server who I think deserves the position.

  7. 7 minutes ago, Clababsos said:

    Bruh, I was literally reading an article on this a few days back. 

    A straw is topologically the product of a circle, which has 1 hole, and an interval, which has 0 holes. So a straw has 1 hole


    Source: "Drinking Straws: How many holes? " by Kevin Knudson

    I read that same article with my missus and had the exact same fight where I said there was only 1 hole but she didn't believe me haha

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  8. Details & Information

    Steam Name:
    [IG] Wombatiacus


    Steam Profile Link:

    In-Game Name:
    Brigade Major [CF|ACO-87] Wombat

    Time Played Imperial RP:
    12 Weeks 6 days 21 hours

    Time Played Imperial RP Evidence:


    Have you had any warns (If so state them)?:
    I currently have no warns on the server. I had 3 warnings from early 2017 but they have since been removed and made redundant.

    Have you had any bans (If so state them)?:
    I currently have no bans on the server.

    Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)?:
    Imperial Gaming SWRP = Trial Moderator-Moderator (5 months+) (2017): I was promoted to Trial Moderator by Caboose when he was Server Manager and I ended my time in the staff team at the rank of Moderator.

    Empire Gaming SWRP = Moderator-Senior Moderator (5 months+) (2018): I was promoted to Moderator by Empire Gaming’s Management team and I ended my time in their staff at the rank of Senior Moderator.

    Ferocity Gaming SWRP = Server Manager/Senior Admin (2-3 months) (2018): I was promoted to Server Manager/Management by Ferocity Gaming’s Owner and I ended my time in their staff at the rank of Senior Admin.

    Imperial Gaming SWRP = Trial Moderator-Administrator (12 months+) (2018-2020): I was promoted to Trial Moderator by Jman when he was Server Manager and I ended my time in the staff team at the rank of Administrator.


    What do you believe is the purpose of Moderators on the server?:
    I believe the purpose of the moderators on the server is to help players amongst the community with their problems that they can’t solve without staff intervention. Moderators role on the server is to moderate the server, they also provide assistance, support and aid to any and all players on the server no matter how big or small their problem is, moderators are expected to help players to the best of their ability. Moderators keep the order of the server in cheque and stop any chaos from happening and ruining other players' experience whilst they play on the server. To keep it simple the purpose of the moderators is to maintain order whilst providing a service to players in-need of assistance and/or support. I can only say this from experience over my nearly a year spent in the Imperial Gaming Moderation team and my furthermore 8 months spent in the Imperial Gaming Administration team.


    Why are you applying to be a Trial Moderator?:
    I am applying for the role of Trial Moderator on the server because I feel like since I have now completed year 12 and have graduated I can send a lot more time on the server doing what I have been doing for a long time now. That’s assisting, supporting and aiding other players to improve their experience whilst on the server and upholding the community rules and guidelines provided by Management. I am applying again for the role of Trial Moderator because being a part of the staff team taught me so many different skills and I enjoyed every little bit of my time whilst I was a part of the staff team for my year and a bit of service. It brings me great pleasure and happiness to see other players in the community thrive and enjoy their experience whilst they play on the community and I see being a Trial Moderator again will allow me the necessary tools and skills to help players in need. I want to give back to the community again like I did last year.


    What do you believe you can bring to the staff team?:
    I believe I can bring my readiness to handle any tasks thrown my way, patience when dealing with staff situations I may be involved in, passion in conducting my duties, my knowledge of ULX commands and respect towards players and other staff members whilst I’m in the staff team. I will use these values of mine that I have gained from past experience and over the time I have been absent to further my experience as a staff member and use it to further other players experiences whilst on the server and outside the server. I can bring my activity to the staff team as I will be available for 5 hours+ everyday due to me finishing all my school commitments and only having my part-time job as the only current commitment.

    Scenario Questions

    Someone Mass RDM’s and disconnects from the server. What do you do?:
    To start off with I would access the PLog’s that staff use to track certain statistics on the server and check the player death/kill section. I would then check which players have recently killed 3+ players and copy their steamid32. Depending on how many other players this individual has killed I will either warn him for both DC to avoid a staff sit and Mass RDM and/or I would pass it onto a higher up staff member to ban them for the adequate amount of time. If the player returns to the server after 30 minutes to an hour after they initial warning was handed out and I see this player I would pull them up and have a civil staff sit with the individual and explain to them why what they did was wrong and the reasoning behind the warning/ban they received.


    Someone is bullying another member of the community. What do you do?:
    To begin with I would bring the member of the community who is being bullied to myself with their permission, either in TeamSpeak (ts3) or in-game. Once the member being bullied is with me I would ask them if they could provide any evidence (Screenshots or video recording) and to explain to me in detail their side of the story by asking questions such as, “What is the person bullying you saying that you consider to be disrespectful?”, “How often does this person interact with you and bully you?”, “What regiment and rank is this person?”, if it is a staff member then I’d ask “Who and what is the staff members name and rank?”. Once I have gathered enough information from the member being bullied, I would then inform the person being bullied that I will look into it straight away and return them so they can continue their roleplay experience on the server.

    I would then bring the person who is doing the bullying and ask them to explain to me in detail their side of the story by asking questions such as, “Do you know why you’re here?”, “Do you know what you did that was wrong?”, “Why are you acting in a disrespectful way towards another community member?”, “What are you saying to this community member?”, “Are you bullying any other members of the community?”, “How long do you think you have you been bullying this member?”. I would then explain to the person who is doing the bullying the punishments involved with bullying other members of the community. If they lie to me about the questions and I’ll know if they’re lying because I may have the evidence provided by the member being bullied, I will explain to them why they will be receiving a warning for both lying to a staff member but also for bullying/disrespecting another member of the community. I would then explain to them that further punishments will be handed out if they were to continue bullying this member of the community.

    After the person who is doing the bullying has been punished accordingly to how much they’ve been bullying the other member of the community, I would then bring the member being bullied to a staff sit either on Team Speak or in-game. Wherever and whenever they’re available and I would then explain to them that the member bullying them has been punished and if they continue bullying them to record evidence of it and alert myself or a higher up staff member for further punishment. If the issue were to persist further, I would then give them another warning and if it were to persist even more, I would look into the person who is doing the bullying to be banned for a certain period of time. If it persists further than that I would bring it up to another higher up staff member and give them all the information and evidence I got so they can deal with that person appropriately and accordingly.

    If a staff member was bullying a member of the community and I was alerted, I would gather evidence from the member being bullied and compile it all into a document. I would then bring the evidence of the staff member bullying this other member to Management/Staff Manager. If it was a Management member who was bullying a member of the community I would do the same as I did for the staff member but take it to the Community Owner, that being Cecil and explain to them what has happened and what action should be taken against the member of staff bullying the other member.


    You see a higher ranking staff member abuse their powers. What do you do?:
    To begin with I would record the situation that is happening/unfolding right in front of me. If the higher-ranking staff member was still abusing, I would ask them to stop and tell them that what they’re doing is wrong. After the higher-ranking staff member has stopped, I would then contact Management and provide the evidence that I have gathered while they were abusing their powers. I would try to keep myself anonymous by asking Management to not mention me to keep me safe from any potential abuse that I may receive in-light of reporting the situation. It is up to the Management member to use the information and evidence provided to formulate the correct punishment accordingly.


    Someone threatens to DDOS the server. what do you do?:
    I would act immediately by screenshotting any evidence of them threatening to DDOS the server and compile it quickly into an easy to access document I can use later on. I would then send the evidence of them threatening to DDOS to a higher-ranking staff member and if they aren’t banned already, I would pull them to the top of the ISD and ask them why they would threaten to DDOS the server even if it was for joking purposes. I would then explain to them the punishments that come with threatening to DDOS the server and how it is in direct violation of the community rules and guidelines set in place. I would then finally give them a link to the community rules and guidelines, tell them to read it and then tell them to appeal on the forums if they get banned and feel as though it was an unfair ban or worth appealing for.

    Background Information:

    I just want to shed some light on me if you don’t know me already. My name is Wombat or Wombatiacus, I’m a donator/ex-moderator and ex-administrator, I am in command of the military unit Comp Force under COMPNOR, my rank is currently Brigade Major (Major). I joined this server on the 4th of January 2017 and have had a few breaks in that time due to schooling situations that popped up during that almost 4-year period of time. If you see any spelling or grammar mistakes, please do inform me either in a private message or just comment it down below in your response.

    Terms & Conditions:

    Steam Name:
    [IG] Wombatiacus

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