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  1. This took me the entire day to read, this... this... this is beautiful.
  2. Life's going good, I just have exams right now and is a big pain in my ass ;(
  3. Gonna miss you my dude. I'll see you around ;-;
  4. I think you are a playful and a kind fella, I have had very few interactions with you though all have been positively great especially the out of character conversations. I wouldn't say you really need to work on anything, you tick all the boxes for me Happy Birthday by the way
  5. +1 due to the reasons stated above.
  6. I gotta link you my music it all explicit hehe mostly rap
  7. Can't wait to see which team will end up on top Good luck all!
  8. If you find Tony Abbott give him a onion. Also good luck, the parliament house guards have fully automatic guns so don't scare em
  9. I also didn't use my mic once due to me sounding like a child haha then I then got a new mic a few years ago and I've sounded the same ever since.
  10. I don't really mind either. Both look good maybe add a way of having both if that's not going to happen already.
  11. Yaaaaaaay! Welcome back Grand Inquisitor!
  12. Bye my dude ;-; Have a good one <3
  13. There is always fun just come to the Bridge and you'll see
  14. Thank you Theo for the reminder, everyone should go off this.
  15. 1. The regiments are still the same, the EM's are still making spicy events. 2. Everyone still here my dude. 3. Absolutely, I will soften up security for you. Come back young man.
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