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  1. I came out of retirement to say qt, alright bye now <3
  2. I remember when I was 212th Brigadier in 2017 that was the shit back in the day Hope to see it again and see the newer generations take command of this monumentally amazing regiment and continue it's positive reputation
  3. Yo my birthday is empire day that's lit this just makes my 18th even better
  4. NEUTRAL - Everything seems to be good with the application, you just need more detail in your answers to the questions and can't see your playtime properly. My opinion is subject to change once you have added more detail and made it so we can see the playtime as well.
  5. We all know the Administration team work in the shadows, pulling strings Congrats @Auzii on Community Graphic Designer.
  6. I would very much want to see this
  7. Yes please, I'll be the heavy of course
  8. I hope one day I will get that damn ammo box ;( The ammo costs to much
  9. Tried to cut my head off rusty knife smfh
  10. Minecraft name: Wombatiacus I'm a sweat
  11. Those that were around back in 2017 would remember the Emperor vs DT fight that 212th got in on Honestly one of my funniest days on the server when I was 212th Brigadier and Trigon was DT Brigadier Mutiny!
  12. Beautiful work of art in my eyes
  13. This game has to much bad ass in it
  14. Wombatiacus


    Now this does put a smile on my face
  15. Amen to this, Amen to this.
  16. Welcome back my dude, I might be too 212th og for you sadly ;(
  17. Fizzy you stole my meme ;( from the discord but you have my permission of course <3
  18. Wombatiacus

    Shock's Punishment

    Shock lives matter. ;)
  19. What you gonna do about it old man.
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