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  1. Sometimes I dream about cheese.

  2. Going to miss you Dirthi, you were the best of the best <3
  3. CompForce could always use some of that stuff, we supply our own normally but we wouldn't mind putting it in reserve
  4. Anime, music, games, family, friends and determination.
  5. What regiments do you want to be added in 2021?
  6. +1 I haven't really had any bad interactions with Hyperion as of yet, I've known him for a while now but never had any negative experiences both in roleplay or out of character. You have spent sometime in the staff team for Imperial Gaming, but those periods of time were both brief but I'm sure you had actual reasons for doing what you did. I haven't noticed any biased actions taken against anyone whilst spending time with you in COMPNOR but I can't speak for before you were in ISB. Your application is nicely detailed and I found it easy to read. With the correct training and guidance I think
  7. They wanted to keep it secret from you, you're a little over qualified
  8. I got the chilly bin full of take away
  9. I would say join CompForce but we are full but private message me if interested anyway, I'll put you on the list
  10. +1 Jay summed it up pretty well, absolute lad would make a great Event Master. Good luck!
  11. I like this, I like this a lot, I've told most of my troopers if it happens just go with it. If they get attacked that they are allowed to attack back without getting trouble by me.
  12. Calm down Jamal don't pull out the nine. They are just saying they haven't seen you around doesn't mean its a bad thing it just means they haven't seen you around. Plus you are required to have a minimum of a week playtime. Once you got that you should re-apply. -1.
  13. #ArmyGang #NavyGang #SithGang and #COMPNORGang
  14. +1 Fizzy covered everything perfectly, Good luck Kippy I hope you get it soon!
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