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  1. @Cecil Completely forgot about me in those Thrawn mentions ;( I'm hurt
  2. Had to do it to you
  3. My plans on my dream to become an Onlyfans girl is coming true.
  4. Oh yeah I didn't say how, ummm well I was doing some dumb shit with my mate up in Perth with his car and he drove around doing burnouts for filming, of course i was the one holding the camera so he did some donuts in front of me and his back end of the car opened up and he got a little to close to me and with the edge of the back on his car hit my stomach and sliced it open and a bit of my intestines fell out but didn't hit the floor luckily. He took me to hospital straight away whilst I was holding my intestines in my hands, not that much blood though but still a fair bit. And I wish I was im
  5. Sliced my stomach open with my intestine track falling outside my body, honestly wanted to die but the doc pushed it back in and I've never felt better, a few stitches and a couple of weeks worth of antibiotics really does wonders on your body Oh and my current case my heart tying itself into a knot due to a few bad football tackles.
  6. Sometimes I dream about cheese.

  7. Going to miss you Dirthi, you were the best of the best <3
  8. CompForce could always use some of that stuff, we supply our own normally but we wouldn't mind putting it in reserve
  9. Anime, music, games, family, friends and determination.
  10. What regiments do you want to be added in 2021?
  11. They wanted to keep it secret from you, you're a little over qualified
  12. I got the chilly bin full of take away
  13. I would say join CompForce but we are full but private message me if interested anyway, I'll put you on the list
  14. I like this, I like this a lot, I've told most of my troopers if it happens just go with it. If they get attacked that they are allowed to attack back without getting trouble by me.
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