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  1. +1 You have been a great person to hang around with and your behaviour/mood has definitely changed since your last permaban, your application is written nicely and has a decent amount of detail in it but can always be added onto. I haven't had any bad encounters with you after your last permaban. Despite you having 2 permabans and one being a Community ban I am still giving you my support based on the facts and reasons I stated above and the ones others has stated above. I don't know how long ago your last ban was lifted but you may (In my opinion) should wait a little longer before applying so you can prove to people both on the server and on the forums that you are a new person and have since changed from what you were before. God Speed and Good Luck, - Wombatiacus.
  2. +1 I haven't had any issues with you and your application is well written but could use a bit more information that it currently has. I don't know if you're the nicest person or the meanest but you've reached the rank of Lieutenant Commander in Navy if I'm not mistaken which is a rank that is hard to get to if all you are is rude. All my encounters with you have been good and dismissed well both in TS and on the server and I have not once received any sass or cheek from you. Like I said you need to keep adding more detail to your application and making sure you're active on the server. God Speed and Good Luck, - Wombatiacus. Forgot to mention my opinion is subject to change, so do keep that in mind.
  3. Wombatiacus

    Trial Moderator Application - Sully

    +1 due to reasons stated above and the fact that the application is jam packed with a lot of detail and has literally no grammar mistake that I've seen so far. Sully you are a wonderful person with a Brave, Noble and Kind heart, I hope you get Trial Moderator soon, God Speed and Good Luck! - Wombatiacus. <3
  4. Wombatiacus

    Food vendor's

    I would definitely love to see something like this implemented into the server as it would definitely make Food and Hunger more immersive. With the hunger bar thing, I'm not very keen on because it means guarding regiments like myself would have to leave our guarding post unguarded to get food. If this ever gets put in it would be smart to sort of toggle it off like toggling Hardcore mode back to normal more in games. I like the sound of it though. This could also get exploited or abused but I'm sure the developers and staff would see that it is happening and quickly fix it.
  5. Wombatiacus

    An Idea For Events

    I wouldn't mind seeing this happen...It's a good addon but a bit iffy.
  6. Wombatiacus

    My goodbye letter ( thanks and apologies)

    You gave a lot of regiments a purpose (Most of the time tracking you down in an AOS) but it was fun playing with you, Good Bye and good luck with your future in-devours, - Wombat.
  7. Wombatiacus

    My Steam Account has been stolen...

    Aye your pretty lucky, Steam Support actually did something with your account heh my old account still hasn’t been fixed yet darn those 3950 Gmod hours have gone to a waste but now I’m back on 1153 Gmod hours on this one. Also Good work on getting your account back and make sure not to click on random links it can only lead to bad things.
  8. Wombatiacus

    It's me :)

    Welcome back my man! <3
  9. Wombatiacus

    'Vader' - Fan film

    I watched this guy over the months and he's really put his all into this film, It's going to be free since Disney and Lucas film said that he is not to make the movie cost money as a marketing tool which is quite sad tbh because he would definitely make a bit of money creating this.
  10. Wombatiacus

    Bucket Heads - Fan Film

    That was an awesome fan film I watched a little while back. The Star Wars community is very good at what they do
  11. Wombatiacus

    Lucky's Trial Moderator Application

    Neutral for now until I see your response to the first few things Shepard has said above. I like the application though and my answer is subject to change, - King Wombatiacus.
  12. Wombatiacus

    Tom's Trial Moderator Application

    Yes! Tom your an amazing bloke who deserves a +1 due to being a legend and the amount of detail and mature you show not only in game but on the forums and TS. I couldn’t think of anyone better than you. Serve on Captainio, - Wombatiacus.
  13. Wombatiacus

    Kahn's Advertising Team App

    Hands down an amazing bloke and the designs are amazing! Good luck!
  14. Wombatiacus

    Giveaway Season!

    I'm going to be there on that month, on that day, on that hour and on that minute... Expect me to be there... >_>
  15. Wombatiacus

    Christmas Help!

    Imma win this year Nice Idea and I would love to be apart of it! <3