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  1. How to Setup Crouch/Walking Toggles For those who may be frustrated, or for your information, this topic will be a howto guide on setting up custom key binds which toggle between the states of crouching or walking. This technique can also be used to add some interesting outcomes to role play scenarios which I will cover at the end of the guide, however there are some downsides. Crouching/Walking Toggle To start, you will need to navigate to your GMod configuration files, and the file autoexec.cfg in particular. Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\cfg\aut
  2. I support these. That Tie fighter in the last picture looks amazing as well.
  3. Content Pack link under Imperial RP links to old content pack. Adding a new section Under the title 'General Discussions' to separate IG related topics from completely random discussions currently in 'Random Discussions'. As a follow on from the last suggestion, moving introductions as a sub section to 'General Discussions' Renaming 'Community Announcements' to 'Announcements' and setting permissions for staff only topics (members may still reply). Then creating a new section under Community Hub called 'Community Announcements ' for members to post their own announcements.
  4. When a Sith wins a trooper tournament Widow squad represent @Stevo. Nah, it was great to participate in this tournament, managed to win the last 1v1 with 1 health remaining. Props to Axel, Wiles, Lime and everyone else who assisted in running the event. There were a few issues but they were professionally resolved during the tournament. Definitely looking forward to more of these in the future, particularly the 3v3 teams.
  5. I'm interested in assisting, sign me up.
  6. I can, however I would need to discuss how you would like this to function. I can simply add "/comms Granted" etc. under a separate tab for navy, but at this stage there is no functionality in order to specifically reply to the individual, nor do I think I could fit it on a panel of this size. The intent of this panel was so that it does not obstruct the view of the pilot when used, which is why the panel itself is quite small. Rather then simply adding a separate tab for Navy, I could create a larger panel specifically designed for Navy's use, which would allow room for the navy to select who
  7. Oh dear, I didn't even notice. I fixed it.
  8. Takeoff and Landing Codes Menu G'day all, Recently I've been working on a simple script which contains all the spacecraft takeoff and landing codes. So sum it up simply, it contains buttons which automatically broadcast your selected takeoff and landing codes over the communications channel. The menu appears through a console command, and contains three tabs. The first is the takeoff codes, second is the landing codes and the third lists all the codes and their descriptions. It is based off the current take off and landing code spreadsheet the pilots provide. The intention of th
  9. I'm curious to see how D&D would go on tabletop simulator. I can't seem to make it through a game of chess let alone snakes and ladders. I'm interested, although I have never played D&D before.
  10. Significant updates made, new variations to the Re-texture available and has been updated on the workshop
  11. I'm still exploring options as to reduce this factor as much as possible. I'm worried that if I modify the model I might completely ruin the way the texture wraps around the head. I'd like to avoid this because I don't believe I'm skilled enough yet to recreate the texture should the wrapping be compromised. Regards, Staticiser
  12. Post has been updated to include the re textured head, waiting on community feedback before deciding if changes are required to the model. Kind Regards, Staticiser
  13. It is, however my intention is to progressively make changes to create a new visual identity of the model, starting with the texture of the head followed by small changes to the model. This model was chosen because because it required the least amount of work in order to make it appear like a prophet, without compromising visual detail or having to completely redesign major aspects. I still intend to work on the current prophet model, however it was more practical at this stage to see the outcome of this redesign. The first image is the original model being redesigned, the following im
  14. PROPHET REDESIGN By Staticiser This post contains the progress of my development for the Prophet redesign. I'm constantly updating this post as I progress in the development, and encourage feedback and suggestions of edits I could make. Initial Development *****Hit box Concerns***** *****Update 31 DEC 17***** So I've been working recently on improving the the small issue I have with
  15. We're only using the model with the hood, which hides part of the character. To further this we intend to re texture and redesign the head. This should prevent any confusion as the character would only be recognisable from his clothes, which have been re textured/coloured as well. Regards, Staticiser
  16. The model we have is as described in their lore, lacking detail however. I think personally if we decide to run a full replacement of the model, the outcome will have compromised the overall feel of the Prophets. In the lore, they are described as blending into crowds, similar to the reason why Emperor Palpatine where's his robes. I still feel the best approach at this stage is to remodel what we already have, in order to give it a more authentic feel. Through some texture and poly adjustments, the Prophet could look outstanding, while still conforming to the lore. Kind Regards,
  17. I have no issue with the design that the current model depicts. I feel like the model in concept however, lacks in detail compared to other models on the sever. This post is not calling for the complete overhaul of the model to make them look "cooler", rather smaller modifications to the existing model utilising techniques from other Sith models and references from google to give the prophets a more authentic feel. Minor modifications that could occur include: Modifying the texture of the model to give it a more rugged or worn look increasing the detail in the robe and hood to
  18. G'day, I've been unable to resolve and issue where SCAR troopers appear as errors. I'm not sure what part of the content pack the models fall under. Anyone able to assist in resolving this issue. Content pack is fully installed and updated, unable to resolve on restarting the game. I would like to reinstall the part of the content pack their models fall under in an attempt to resolve if it can be identified. Kind Regards, Staticiser
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