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  1. With this rank change, can I be set to a rank where I can promote or demote troopers in my regiment? I feel like this would help me run my regiment .
  2. Woolly Mammoth, because Manny from Ice Age was the TV/movie dad of my childhood.
  3. Why did nobody tell me about this? Why did I have to re-login after 8 or so months to see this? Will Department ever read this? These are very totally, 100%, unequivocally, inspirationally legitimate questions and I am disappointed in those who did not tell me this happened (Especially that @Corvo guy - he knows where I live... Pleb) Big sad Anyway, thank you for mentioning me. It was great to have you around, you will always be in my top 3 troopers I have ever served with or called a pleb (there's a lot of the latter). It's also nice that people still remember I was a thing.
  4. Many KOTOR references, one reference to the natural confectionery company, two references to Doom's Unit from the Clone Wars TV show and another SW reference from Robot Chicken. Plus a few Stevo specific references. So not all are too hard to find
  5. Chocolate: Doom's Candy What is it?: Chocolate covered Gizka droppings mixed with many artificial colours and flavorings. Why do you like it?: Because it was the only thing we could eat that didn't taste like mentally handicapped potatoes during the clone wars. Why can we not get this anymore?: Because the Imperial pest control association would not let us keep Gizka on the ship as they kept multiplying. I asked Canderous for advice, but he said I could figure it out on my own. (Many Star Wars/Life/Stevo references in this post - Can you find/understand them all them all?)
  6. Welp, you should’ve seen this one coming. For those of you who aren’t able to read or are related to Space Mexicans, I’ll make this short as I’m going to go into a whole bunch of explanations and thanks messages to a lot of people. Still try to read through all of this properly, as I didn’t write out all this shit just for you to not read it plebs. So yeah, much like a lot of my mates on the server this time last year (and at other points throughout the year) for similar reasons, I’m leaving IG. I’ve had a lot of good times. Made lots of memes, achieved things I never thought
  7. Your thread title copies half of my usual titles... This triggers me.
  8. Hi, it's me, doing this again. Commanders meeting is being moved due to the map change and there's some important stuff that needs to be mentioned that I need to be present for. I have exams for most of tomorrow so yeah. Once again, I'm posting this here because putting it announcements is not needed. Cheers 2727 - Stevo.
  9. It’s possible for the database stuff, but it wouldn’t be worth splitting up the players. The fact is that 90% of SWRP is waiting around until events happen. If you have another server where events are being held, almost everyone would go there instead of the original server. If the original server held events, all those people would leave the second server and join the original server again. It would fuck up the player base. If if you want to be on the server, join it before it’s full.
  10. More slot for regiments? Possibly yes after tones of planning from both management and IHC. More server slots? Do you want the server to crash as you are joining and wait 10-30 minutes for it to come back up? If your answer is yes to those last two questions, then you're easily entertained.
  11. Stevo.

    128/128 Players

    It didn’t really matter whether or not the meme was bad, I was included in one of these for once. That’s good enough for me.
  12. Didn't want to put this into announcements because this one's going to be short. Due to an event being done right on the commanders meeting time (which happens every week EM's, please stop holding events at this time specifically, or wait until the meeting is done), the meeting tonight is being moved to tomorrow (Sunday) at 7pm AEST. Cheers 2727 - Stevo.
  13. Alright, so, now it's my time to make a really long response and insult a whole bunch of people, which will then get this post deleted. It's whoever-decided-to-mention-me's fault so you can blame him. Widow Squad started out as a group to put the best of the Stormtroopers into, to give them something to make them feel special so that they wouldn't leave. The Stormtrooper Corps is one of the hardest regiments to keep people in because at the time they didn't have gear like other regiments did (and the job is one of the hardest and most important on the ship). Widow Squad originally
  14. The problem with Rishi is that majority of the current playerbase doesn't like it. I like it, but I was on the map when the server was different a year and a half ago. Every time since that the map has been used peeps have left the server because they don't like the map.
  15. Read the first post I made on this thread and read the part where I say I have no call on a management decisions. Then rethink what you have written above. Also another thing you’re wrong about with Widow, it’s not the only choice people have in the ST’s. Something I told Widow to do about a month ago was to focus more on the ST’s and start getting some higher ups because it was an issue. First attempt to set up an ST chain of command outside of Widow ultimately failed because everyone who was in that group wanted to be in Widow, not the ST’s. We currently have four people who are
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