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  1. Thank you for the feedback, Hyperion. I understand your concern. Fingers crossed this Appeal goes smoothly so that I can prove, once and for all, that I am capable of behaving. If not, well... there's nothing more that I can do.
  2. Thank you very much, Mauler. Thank you very much for the feedback, Galle. As I mentioned in my Appeal, I have made several attempts to reach out to Splonter and apologise. Unfortunately, Splonter wasn't willing to hear it/reciprocate. Should he be willing to hear what I have to say, I would happily be the first to extend my hand.
  3. Thank you for the feedback. Though, for the most part, I do believe you have the wrong person in mind. I distinctly remember not ever having role-played as a mouse droid (due to my extreme dislike of them), nor have I ever mic-spammed. I have not used a microphone until very, very recently, and have remained a mute for almost the entirety of my online career. I am certain many others can attest this. As for the hate speech, I entirely understand. It was completely unjustified, and is not a behaviour I would normally condone. It was a heat-of-the-moment decision, and a lapse of judgem
  4. Surprisingly well-edited. Well done.
  5. Thank you for the feedback. I certainly don't think this is true. If I didn't want to be involved with the community, I would not have bothered appealing in the first place.
  6. Understood. Thank you for the feedback.
  7. Thank you for the feedback, Splonter. Could you elaborate on my encouraging you to "kill yourself"? I don't recall ever saying that to you, nor would I ever wish self-harm upon another person.
  8. Steam Details Steam Name: Proven Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:178955391 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Proven01 In Game Details In Game Name: Proven In Game Rank: Sergeant In Game Regiment: 106th Army Brigade (or whatever it's currently called) Ban Details How long was the ban for: My ban was/is permanent. Which staff member banned you: W1NG2A V.3 What date did the ban occur: 08/04/2020 What was the reason for the ban: I was banned due to violating the conditions of my previous ban (explained further below)
  9. Proven


    Nice to see you again, old flame.
  10. Just someone casually watching Awaken in the background lmao
  11. I completely understand. Though, considering my history, it's difficult to know what else to say in order to convince you that I won't waste another chance. I have been given chances and wasted them, I just know for a fact that I don't have it in me to waste another opportunity to remedy my actions. Thanks for your feedback, Zaspan. I know our history has been rocky in the past, and for that, you have responded negatively to my past appeals. But I'm glad you have changed your reaction to a final appeal, and I hope I'm given the chance to apologise to you through actions rath
  12. That's understandable. The circumstances that lead to my ban were tedious. It wasn't just a few warnings, it was somewhere around the 50 mark, though I was not permanently banned at this point because the Imperial Gaming Management Team were reluctant to remove me from the community. They believed that I could change, (and they were right in doing so), it just took me a while to get here. I wasn't immediately banned without a seconds' thought (like people who hop on to Mass RDM) because those who knew me personally were aware of my intentions, and tried to alert me of my own shortcomings.
  13. Thank you, Fox. Thank you for believing in me. It really does mean the world to me. I know that if I'm given one more chance, I won't let you down. Thank you very much, Dwayne. I do believe I am ready for another chance. I'm sorry to hear that you no longer see us as friends anymore. I know I've done bad things to you, and I always thought time would heal them, but it seems you're still hurt. I didn't just see you as a friend; you were always at the top of my mind. When I heard about the medical incident a few months back, I felt horrible. I felt horrible because I knew I hadn
  14. More than I'm proud of. Though I can't quite recall the specifics, some information may prove useful on one of my previous ban appeals.
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