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  1. L.B.

    Hey, I hit 2 years...

    Love you, Wombat x
  2. L.B.

    Proven's Ban Appeal.

    Obviously there isn't anything else for me to do at this point. I've made my argument, and your dictation is almost entirely correct, except for one, small detail. You mentioned that my presence bothered the Community. If this was the case, then why was I given so many chances before a Permanent Ban was issued? I'd like to think the answer is because I used to be.. a valued member of the community. I'd also like to add that upon being told that I was on my last chance, the final warn was for putting on a lengthy video on the TV. Before this, I was putting in every effort I could muster in order to improve, but that last, stupid decision ended my journey as a member of the Community. It's quite clear where you all stand, which is clearly not with me. I'm disappointed to see your answer, however you seem set in your mind, and I really don't blame you. I wish you and your Community all the best, and I thank you for your feedback. Sincerely, Proven
  3. L.B.

    Proven's Ban Appeal.

    You're kind of taking it out of proportion my guy. I don't believe the server had to "Endure" or "Suffer" at all. I'll admit it, I fucked up, and I'm not forcing you to give me another chance. This is the second time you have overlooked the point I have been trying to make, by bringing up the quantity of my warnings, and ignoring the fact that I have evidently changed in my behaviour, and that I could be of benefit to the Community. Obviously there's no changing your mind though, you seem set in your ways.
  4. L.B.

    Proven's Ban Appeal.

    Sadly, I've had to repeat myself several times. I am aware of my previous history. If you're not willing to give me one final chance despite my promise to leave if I get another warning, then I guess words can't change that. Of course I'd love to prove to you all that I have changed, you're clearly not allowing me to do so. As far as I'm concerned, you may have given me 28 chances, but you're not willing to take one small risk to see the truth. There's nothing more for me to say at this point. Put yourself in my shoes. Thank you for your feedback.
  5. L.B.

    Proven's Ban Appeal.

    With all due respect, you appear to be missing the point. I am completely aware of the quantity and frequency of my warns, and I, along with the entire EG Community know that I am both capable and deserving of a second chance. I only hope to be given one more so that I can show you exactly what I am capable of as a Player. I am prepared to offer an arrangement. I will gracefully retain a non-negotiable Permanent Ban without a single word said if I am unsuccessful in proving my significant increase of behaviour. If I am given so much as one Warning, I will happily walk myself out of the door myself. No conditions. If you truly believe that I am incapable and unfit of completing this, by all means, give me one last chance, and I will do everything in my power to remind you that I can be a valuable asset of the Community. After all, you realistically have nothing to lose, and have a heck of a lot to gain if you are willing to find it in the goodness of your hearts to give me one, final chance at redemption.
  6. L.B.

    Proven's Ban Appeal.

    It's an example of my History as a player and demonstrates the fact that I am capable of behaving well, thus why I have decided to appeal in the first place. I understand that my Permanent Ban was completely justified, however I am requesting one final chance to prove myself worthy of being a valued member of the Imperial Gaming Community. I have high aspirations and hope to achieve them.
  7. L.B.

    Proven's Ban Appeal.

    @Whitey Requesting to have this Post moved to the Ban Appeal Section. Apologies, I was unable to find it.
  8. L.B.

    Proven's Ban Appeal.

    Evening All. For those who don't know me, my name's Proven. Before you roll your eyes in disgust, I would genuinely appreciate it if you would first read what I have to say: First, I'll be talking about the Course of Events that lead me to where I currently stand, and will be going into adequate depth as to why I am here today. It all started many months ago, in early March of 2017. As a relatively-new player to Garry's Mod, I was soon to discover Star Wars RP. Like many others, my journey as a Member of the Imperial Gaming Community was quite the Bumpy Road. Having not properly matured, I managed to accumulate over 28 Warnings, to which I became susceptible for my notorious reputation as being a "Minge". My journey was a complicated one. Unlike others, I wasn't banned after the first few warnings, and there was a reason for this. To my knowledge, I was a valued member of the Community, regardless of my status. I made daily commitments in an attempt to improve people's experiences whilst playing the game. As far as I'm concerned, almost all of my faults during my journey were without specific intent to harm those around me. I did what I did for the personal gain of my friends, and myself, which is something I am not proud of. Fortunately, I have now come to realise that actions have consequences. Nonetheless, actions can also be Redeemed, and that is the very reason as to why I am here today, writing this post. I won't make any excuses. I am taking full responsibility for the person I was, but I hope to shed a little light on the changes I have been successful in making in my career as a SWRP Roleplayer. The switch to the EG Community was more than a change, but a chance for a Fresh Start. I immediately took this opportunity, and slowly begun the slow, tedious ride of saving that Reputation I feared for so long. Prior to the switch to Clone Wars, I was able to reach the Rank of Master Instructor of the Shadow Guards. I was deemed as one of the Best Duelists on the server, and this was an achievement I held close to my heart. After the Switch, I was offered a position in the Republic Commandos, as Caboose's Right Hand. I took this opportunity, and stuck with him for a great many weeks. I know what some of you are thinking. You'd be surprised how many people are out there who say one thing, and do another, and I don't blame you. To preface this, I'd first like to mention the fact that I was nominated the Best Trooper on the ship as a result of a voting system on the Forums. Every player voted, and I managed to secure the reputation I no longer feared, but held on to closely. I was also able to reach the rank of CT Commander, which was agreeably an incredibly large and stressful role, as I was moulding the future of the Server at the time. If you're looking for more Evidence, I personally encourage you to ask any member of the Empire Gaming Community to verify this. In conclusion, I would like to emphasise the fact that I am not here from a position of weakness, but from a position of strength. I was a truly valued member of the Empire Gaming Community, and after the experiences, memories and friends I have made, I am certain that I have what it takes to cleanse that dreaded reputation, and bring a loving, passionate member to your Community once more. Thank you Very Much for taking the time to read this, and I hope you have a wonderful Evening. Kindest Regards, Proven I accept that my Forum Post is eligible for Public Dictation, and will gladly comply with all and any terms necessary. Your Efforts are Most Appreciated. Steam Details: Steam Name: Proven Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:178955391 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Proven01/ In Game Details: In Game Name: Proven In Game Rank: Private In Game Regiment: Storm Trooper Corps Ban Details: How long was the ban for: Permanent. Which staff member banned you: Carnifex What date did the ban occur: 6/04/2018 (Approximately) What was the reason for the ban: Reaching the Maximum Amount of Official Warnings.
  9. L.B.

    ISD Hyperspace Animation

    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!
  10. L.B.

    Tarkin Inititiative [Regiment Idea]

    Not a bad idea. Model is decent too.
  11. L.B.

    Server Giveaway

    Am I too late?
  12. L.B.

    Retired from Event Master

    Still to this day my favourite Event Master. Gonna miss you and the Events my dude. Take it easy xx -Proven
  13. L.B.

    Im Sorry

    Demonic just about summed it all up. But in all seriousness, don't stress about it man. We all have our days; at least at the end of yours you will know that the entire IG Community will be here waiting for you. Take as much time as you need - we'll be here. Take it easy, -Proven P.S If you ever need somebody to talk to, you have my Steam.
  14. L.B.

    A Warm Happy Birthday To Banks

    Happy Birthday my dude - Have a good one!
  15. L.B.

    Sal's Retirement

    Rest easy my dude, you had a good run. Will always remember Admiral Callum. Take it easy big fella x -Proven