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  1. ever since I joined INQT back in 2019 that has been the rule
  2. You see I was brought up correctly, my dad played loads of RTS games and FPS games so I ended up playing a lot of Battlefield 1942 but my first one that I can remember is Command And Conquer Generals.
  3. Ok dude guess we better start something
  4. I think Cammers is mean because he would think that I would stoop low ;-;

    1. Cammers


      Bro I would never

  5. Kevin has just leveled up in dumb 

  6. Playing Hollow Knight, gettin real sad, watching anime, gettin sad again, Playing phasmaphobia with the boys, gettin even more sad than the last 2 times, playing Gmod and having a laugh, entering the abyss of sadness all and all I got through it all pretty well
  7. Who is your favorite person on the ship and why?
  8. Kevin is the worst as he microwaves his weetbix

  9. Has it been actually added on the server or nah?
  10. it is 1 hole... 1 big hole
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