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    Hi I am Banks
  2. I dont care if people think i lie all the time, i know when i'am saying the truth and thats all i need to know. I never abused my powers like what i said, No you spawned that stuff in peak time and you are the only staff memeber standing around them at the time, and i knew they talked behind my back because they talked shit about me in front of my face that why i demoted some of them. You remind me of a guy named Thatcher when he was a dick and the DT commander
  3. I don't want to make this a big deal but i never abused my powers, i didn't even touch ulx or the q menu out of my events you just demoted me because you hates me, everyone knows this you just continue to say stupid reasons to make you not look like the bad guy 1st Demotion: Happend because i was never approved to be a EM, the high staff member made me it due to no EM on that day and i ha to do the events, you demoted me because i never was approved 2nd Demotion: IDK why i was demoted you only said "because you abused" but i never touched my powers outside of my events, i only used t
  4. Thank you for your message but you only kicked me but if my memory is "fucked" i cant edit it the forums doesn't alow me to.
  5. ═════════════════════ஜ۩۞۩ஜ═════════════════════ Welcome to my Event Master Application ═════════════════════ஜ۩۞۩ஜ═════════════════════ Steam Name: 。{Banks}。™ Age: 15 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:105942808 Do you have a microphone that you can use regularly?: Yes i do In-game name and rank: SO Private Banks | User Time Played: 2 days (But been on since the beginning) Why are you applying for this position?: I have been playing on the server for a long time and i think i can bring a lot of fun to the players but also RP in events, i have been Event Master
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