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  1. I suffer from RP staring syndrome I cant stop staring at things
  2. Remember when gamma was JT commander and I was in IC with Moose, Brownie and Caboose and we always had regimental fights with DT when Thatcher was commander. awww good times and what happend to Blade?
  3. Banks

    MOTD for SWRP

    +1 I like the idea although it still wont stop making people minge, when people minge they wont stop until a staff member bans or kicks them.
  4. Can we get a 'Happy Birthday" in the comments for Brownie
  5. Setting this as my desktop wallpaper, to bad i torrented windows and i cant set my wallpaper but when i can afford windows i will set it man good job keep it up
  6. Yo man please im so poor I need it in my life PLEASE! my dad abuses me every night because im poor but with this card you can stop Princess Diana flying through her window If i get this card i will tell you jokes that will make you laugh
  7. We follow lore but people donate for these custom jobs so we add them, tbh we don't have to follow the exact lore we can have some things different. WE DON'T HAVE TO BE NORMAL
  8. If you have left the community then why do you still -1, +1 peoples applications. If your not part of the community don't even bother looking at them.
  9. There is more than 2 people in Saber Guard I think the other is named Rada or something
  10. +1 is a good commander and obviously knows what hes doing, also a good roleplayer. He will be a honourable player to the staff team. Good Luck
  11. The one more map is a save not a map The rebel models are a good idea but there are better ones out there Music line is good but is it worth the 161 MB? and the Ship there is not point of it TBH and a waste of space
  13. +1 Good player, good role player and obviously knows what he is doing.
  14. +1 Good player, obviously knows what he is doing and a well known player to the community
  15. +1 Seems he knows what he doing, has well planed events, is a nice guy and is a good rper
  16. Banks

    New PC

    Alright just like what they said before, if you are willing to buy a PC for that much go ahead i cant stop you, but if you want to save money you can custom build a PC that can definitely run games 60FPS. When I was getting a PC I also had your feeling "I don't want to fuck something up" man its pretty hard to fuck something up unless your beating it like a child, you just need to be careful and watch a lot of tutorials. If you want help with the specs just give me a call and I will be gladly to help.
  17. This staff report is going towards PineWalker/PineJack/Wraith The reason i'am putting this report in because all he does is abuse his powers, harass/player disrespect and does an event once in a blue moon I'm sick of this Event Master doing these things when he is suppose to be respectful and make this server and nice and friendly community he abuses me and other players everyday (he calls me "cunt" and "useless") and this makes me very upset and angry (and does it to other players). Although he has been a EM for a long time he still abuses his rank and harass players.
  18. Banks

    Regimental posters

    Can you please in your free time make a SOR one (can use a ARC he;met if you want) thanks <3
  19. Banks


    Hi I am Banks
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