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  1. Wait this is a trailer? I thought it was a little short film.
  2. Banks

    New Dropship

    Someone should get someone to make this into gmod.
  3. +1 Known Pandi for a very long time and is a good role model towards others bringing excitement and enjoyment to every server. Very mature and respectful to other players. Good Luck Pandi
  4. What is your In-game name: Banks Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:105942808 Steam link: Banks Play time: 2 weeks (but had a lot more before utime wipe) Have you used PAC Before: Yes Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I have been apart of this community almost the beginning and have seen this server develo from a little 20 slot server to a big 100 slot and over the time I know I have been seen as a minge but recently (after the big bad incident) Iam changing and I want to prove to people and the staff that Iam a trust worthy member o
  5. +1 I have known Barron longer than I have known my left thumb. He is a very responsible and friendliest member I have known, he has been apart of this community almost as long as me. Good luck Barron
  6. That is a very nice statue
  7. The server is in the rogue one era, so far out of Rebels and the Grand Inquisitor does in rebels and we didn't see inquisitors after that
  8. The model does look nice but saying it will be more lore friendly even though some on the stuff on the server still isn't lore friendly, I know we have decided to remove some of the non lore stuff but if the era is near the "Return Of The Jedi" era then there shouldn't be any inquisitors but there still is. You cant make a server completely lore we are obviously trying.
  9. @Ridge Fair enough good job for being a staff member and doing your job. I just needed to say something about Cast if I wanted to roast someone I would of been the 1st comment
  10. Understandable have a great day @cast I don't like how you never come on the server and then say the sith are retarded. Maybe you should stay out of this comment section if you have nothing to do with it, we really don't need your opinion. As I can just as easily say the same about when you were commander of Star Crash Brigade.
  11. Maybe its not an application maybe its so see how many people take thing so seriously or how many people can make snitch armys or if the community is worth staying for if i do ill make sure ill make a video about inquisitors dying and my death
  12. maybe you should read the application again
  13. WTF "resign" are you apart of that cult who thinks I was demoted? But cheers
  14. ═════════════════════ஜ۩۞۩ஜ═════════════════════ Welcome to my Event Master Application ═════════════════════ஜ۩۞۩ஜ═════════════════════ Steam Name: 。{Banks}。™ Age: 15 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:105942808 Do you have a microphone that you can use regularly?: Yes i do In-game name and rank: Inquisitor Banks| Donator Time Played: 2 Weeks 6 Days 1 hour (But been on since the beginning) Why are you applying for this position?: I have been playing on the server for a long time and i think i can bring a lot of fun to the players but also RP in events, I have
  15. as what suna would say understandable Have a Great Day
  16. +1 Frenchy is a very loyal person to the community, he has been apart of this community for a long time. Event Masters is a very stressful job for people and as frenchy is the therapist of the community he doesn't need stress. Good luck Frenchy and thank you for being apart of this community <3 We always can get more EM's
  17. It wont but there will be a Jedi system and stuff like the ranks of the jedis, Youngling Knight etc
  18. Clone Wars would be a great idea due to the new star wars game coming out and the model makers will start bringing out new and exciting models that are different, although everyone from other community might say we are only changing because of Battlefront 2 hype but who cares what they have to say
  19. +1 Qteks is a mature and disobedience member, he has brought a lot to this community and make many people days better if they are fleeing down. He has been apart of this community for a very long time and i think he can do a great cause towards the server and make peoples days better with Serious RP. Good luck Qteks for the future man, its been a honour for you being apart of this wonderful community.
  20. OMG its the guy who turned all the IC members against me when I was commander.
  21. +1 Kingsbury is a well known player on the community and has been apart of it for a long time, he knows what he is doing and is friendly towards other member of the community. Good Luck man and thank you for contributing your time to the community!
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