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  1. +1 Some people might be surprised that I have +1 Pureus app after the all the beef we have. But all honestly all that beef we had was in the past and kind of childish, me not liking Pureus doesn't mean he doesn't deserve a +1. He is a great role player and has a lot of rep on the serve. Good Luck Pureus
  2. Congratulations to @Chef for winning the competition. Please add me on steam for your prize. http://steamcommunity.com/id/ig-banks/
  3. This will be the first competition I will ever host. The competition will include a game, the game will be secret until the winner is chosen. The way to win this competition is you have to post a joke in chat. The best joke will win the game. Ends - 10/10/2017 - 5pm WA time LET THE GAMES BEGIN!
  4. +1 Pandi has been apart of this community since it launched. Over those months of it being launched Pandi has shown that he is trust worthy and a very respectful individual which then became a staff member due to these traits. I think he should have another go as a staff member assisting the staff team and making many players fill welcome to the community. Good luck Pandi and thank you for everything you have done for this communtiy.
  5. Hello *Demonic Possession* I would like to say I personally only been apart of one (except for IG's) Arma group named the AAF. From my experience they are all brilliant and respectful people and they make every newest member welcome to their community. IG used to do ARMA mission every Friday night (I believe) but it slowly died down due to not enough people and the person who ran it went rogue (Trident), I reckon it will be amazing! If we have more Imperial Gaming ARMA mission nigths
  6. Just randomly made this. What you think?
  7. Nova Troopers Nova Guarding
  8. IC Brigadier 78 Fox Storm Marines
  9. Please post pic of regiment so I know which model iam going to use
  10. Lately I have been very bored during the week and I need something to do so I have decided to do personal SFM pics. If you want a personal SFM PIC type in the comments (and send a picture of your model) and Ill be happy to do it
  11. When I was EM we had a meeting with Caboose and he told us to do this for every event we do. I guess that has changed.
  12. This poll is to see peoples opinion on what map they prefer. This is not an official vote i'm just curious
  13. @Cody You kind of need to calm down with peoples Transfer apps/apps
  14. Everyone is smart at something maybe school isnt your strong point don't let it bring you down just look up and keep on going forward and discover new things that you find interesting and then you will shine.
  15. Thank You to all the people who has given Caboose a warm happy birthday.
  16. Happy Birthday Caboose hope you have a good day and don't get to drunk
  17. This post is out for a very special man of this community, who has put his heart and soul into the server making it how it is today. EVERYONE GIVE CABOOSE A WARM HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN THE COMMENTS.
  18. I just learnt how to use Source Film Maker and created these. What do you guys think?
  19. depends what do you like? Do you like loud keys that can wake up the whole neighbourhood?
  20. Banks

    IG Logo - Wiemers

    The logo doesnt look like IG it looks like it spells TGC
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