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  1. Please post pic of regiment so I know which model iam going to use
  2. Lately I have been very bored during the week and I need something to do so I have decided to do personal SFM pics. If you want a personal SFM PIC type in the comments (and send a picture of your model) and Ill be happy to do it
  3. When I was EM we had a meeting with Caboose and he told us to do this for every event we do. I guess that has changed.
  4. This poll is to see peoples opinion on what map they prefer. This is not an official vote i'm just curious
  5. Everyone is smart at something maybe school isnt your strong point don't let it bring you down just look up and keep on going forward and discover new things that you find interesting and then you will shine.
  6. Thank You to all the people who has given Caboose a warm happy birthday.
  7. Happy Birthday Caboose hope you have a good day and don't get to drunk
  8. This post is out for a very special man of this community, who has put his heart and soul into the server making it how it is today. EVERYONE GIVE CABOOSE A WARM HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN THE COMMENTS.
  9. I just learnt how to use Source Film Maker and created these. What do you guys think?
  10. depends what do you like? Do you like loud keys that can wake up the whole neighbourhood?
  11. Banks

    IG Logo - Wiemers

    The logo doesnt look like IG it looks like it spells TGC
  12. Wait this is a trailer? I thought it was a little short film.
  13. Banks

    New Dropship

    Someone should get someone to make this into gmod.
  14. That is a very nice statue
  15. The server is in the rogue one era, so far out of Rebels and the Grand Inquisitor does in rebels and we didn't see inquisitors after that
  16. The model does look nice but saying it will be more lore friendly even though some on the stuff on the server still isn't lore friendly, I know we have decided to remove some of the non lore stuff but if the era is near the "Return Of The Jedi" era then there shouldn't be any inquisitors but there still is. You cant make a server completely lore we are obviously trying.
  17. @Ridge Fair enough good job for being a staff member and doing your job. I just needed to say something about Cast if I wanted to roast someone I would of been the 1st comment
  18. Understandable have a great day @cast I don't like how you never come on the server and then say the sith are retarded. Maybe you should stay out of this comment section if you have nothing to do with it, we really don't need your opinion. As I can just as easily say the same about when you were commander of Star Crash Brigade.
  19. as what suna would say understandable Have a Great Day
  20. It wont but there will be a Jedi system and stuff like the ranks of the jedis, Youngling Knight etc
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