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  1. Wow dude sounds like Suna's situation but look at him now Community banned for drawing pictures
  2. Banks

    Stardestroyer v3

    The V3 stands for the versions of the maps. V2 was the one before that introduced us to hyper space and MHC. Now V3 introduces a lot more features such as working turbo lasers etc.
  3. +1 Very friendly and respectful person apart of this community who brings RP to where ever he goes and a smile on people faces. Good luck Yam.
  4. +1 long term player of this community and previously being a high ranking staff shows you that he trust worthy and a respectful player of this community. Iam not +1 because i'm an engineer and he is iam doing it because he has already shown us that he is trust worthy and respectful due to being a senior admin previously. Good luck Dragz and its good to see you back
  5. Idk I was bored couple of nights ago and made this. What you think?
  6. If what suna posted on the forums was classed as "spoilers" and then permanently banned from the forums because of it this is classed as spoilers. In the spoiler is pictures he drew that were "Spoilers" so if you click on it and you get angry for stuff THAT NEVER HAPPEN IN THE MOVIE then your fault.
  7. Here we go round 2. If i get warned for "shitposting" i'm going to double think about this website staff. rate dogo /10
  8. When you get warned for shit posting because you uploaded picture of your dog but this type of stuff happens. 10/10
  9. Thank you everyone It means a lot <3.
  10. Ayyyyyyy welcome to the modeling world my dude.
  11. Goodbye Kosmos you will not be forgotten and thank you for making an awesome community (IAM BEING REAL STAFF MEMBERS) good luck in the future.
  12. Goodbye Pureus (once again) I will always remember the days when I stood at the end of the tie bays staring at the zakuul bunks all day. Good times anyway good luck better not come back as vader.
  13. If I got $1 for every time Gamma advertised Star Citizen I would be able to buy multiple Javelin's.
  14. Banks

    New Error Model

    -1 as this not lore friendly and is ruining my immersion.
  15. Ewok's Little bears destroying the Empire with wooden equipment. Something the Rebel Alliance cant do even with lasers.
  16. I think these are their models http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1102752649
  17. They can always add a new addon that brings in new explosive type weaponry for 31st for them to be more enjoyable for people who joins the regiment if the jump troopers get grenades. And remember that all ST's have thermal detonators on their back so adding grenades (not for every regiment) will kind of be more lore friendly. But I can see where you are coming from they can add rules to the jump troopers if they get grenades like "No using the grenades while using jet packs or while jet packs are on" something on the lines of that.
  18. Banks

    Shut Up Kosmos

    Old meme
  19. So lately people have been complaining about some of the workshop models are errors and they are not on the workshop anymore. The reason for this is because EA has gone around and DMCA rounds on addons but fortunately that haven't taken down everything. Proof: http://steamcommunity.com/id/hydro1969 "EA are still doing their DMCA rounds on the workshop, and unfortunatly they took down apart from whats left. If you manage to have the files saved you can do what ever you want with them." So you guys now have the answer and you can stop spamming people why you see errors.
  20. -1 I know people will be like "Oh you are inactive you don't have a say" I still have an opinion and I am going to share it. I have seen you on the server and your RP is pretty good but being good at RP doesn't make you eligible for PAC3 and looking at your previous applications you keep deleting them when people like to express their opinion and -1 it you have proven that you are not mature enough to take criticism and feedback. But on the bright side you keep trying something in life people need to do but on a forums constantly posting an application then deleting it isn't trying. Sorr
  21. The issue has been solved due to me updating the pack again with all the models fully working. If they are not working still that is probably due to Moose not updating it to the server.
  22. @Little5avage on the thing he posted the last comment
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