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  1. I think IG needs its own drama series
  2. @suna @suna1 @suna2 @suna3 @suna4 @suna5 @suna6 @sunaalt @sunman97
  3. who would do such a thing
  4. Don't forget to change the VTF file code to match your directory.
  5. Banks


    I haven't seen you online for a year
  6. Banks


    ): Seya keta I still remember the SOR days. Have a good one You're alive?
  7. God these were the good old days and the grand inquisitor was not "Carnifex" or me it was Barron who was one of the best grand inquisitors IG has ever had. God I miss these days
  8. +1 I like how your images are different then the other applications. Although your images look like they belong in a flash play game I like how you think outside of the box and not use a default storm trooper helmet with word over them. Good luck man.
  9. +1 Over my days on IG Pablo and I have had bad days and good days, but over these days Pablo demonstrated he is a mature and reliable person who knows how to be an Event Master (because he used to be one). Good luck Pablo
  10. +1 I have been with Kumo for a long time on many servers and I have seen all these scripts in action, they are all amazing and different. Kumo has proved himself as an reliable individual for dev work and is a responsible person who enjoys making interesting ideas to change things. Good luck Kumo.
  11. Totally agree with you Lepaul. I have seen Xane on many servers and with my interactions with him all I was given was respect and happiness, Xane is a very talented person with using pac who makes situation feel immersive and enjoyable, in my books I think he is worthy to hold a tier 1 position. Good luck Xane I hope you get it. +1
  12. Might wanna double think what you are typing before you post it man, because you tick all these boxes.
  13. +1 When I got back into Imperial Gaming I joined in with the engineer peps and from some of the people point of view they say Anthony was a bad guy so I thought as well, But what I didn't know is that once you actually sit down and have a confo with Anthony he is an awesome member and a caring person. I have kicked myself in the back multiple times for this reason because Anthony is a heart warming person who brings a smile to everyone everyday, he is friendly and really trust worthy which is the attributes of a staff member. Good luck Anthony and I hope you get mod. (And no
  14. IDK dude lego it pretty cool
  15. Wow dude sounds like Suna's situation but look at him now Community banned for drawing pictures
  16. Banks

    Stardestroyer v3

    The V3 stands for the versions of the maps. V2 was the one before that introduced us to hyper space and MHC. Now V3 introduces a lot more features such as working turbo lasers etc.
  17. +1 Very friendly and respectful person apart of this community who brings RP to where ever he goes and a smile on people faces. Good luck Yam.
  18. +1 long term player of this community and previously being a high ranking staff shows you that he trust worthy and a respectful player of this community. Iam not +1 because i'm an engineer and he is iam doing it because he has already shown us that he is trust worthy and respectful due to being a senior admin previously. Good luck Dragz and its good to see you back
  19. Idk I was bored couple of nights ago and made this. What you think?
  20. If what suna posted on the forums was classed as "spoilers" and then permanently banned from the forums because of it this is classed as spoilers. In the spoiler is pictures he drew that were "Spoilers" so if you click on it and you get angry for stuff THAT NEVER HAPPEN IN THE MOVIE then your fault.
  21. Here we go round 2. If i get warned for "shitposting" i'm going to double think about this website staff. rate dogo /10
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