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  1. damm what a coincidence. Digging around old files and found this: https://imgur.com/a/Vw3NYGh Here are the rank insignias that were made ages ago on their models if yall wanted them.
  2. Every expansion of IG all ended the same except for MilitaryRP (which became CG) but that's because it was a 1st of its kind (new gamemode, new attributes and features) I dont think expansion is a good idea but maybe a complete rehaul of the current starwarsRP.
  3. Pretty cool pacs. They all look great and show off your full understanding how pac works. I personally think you should be given PAC as all members of IG should always be given a chance to prove themselves. And even a second chance as well. +1
  4. Banks

    Shock's Punishment

    1:48 me watching the video
  5. Its been like this for ages, people always rush in because they think they can be an Imperial Master Chief and one man army the event. There are a handful of server who have a player base that they dont rush in and thats because the NPCs they use are terrifying and you need to hide or push back to actually take them out. Suggestion just make the events harder ( I know its easier said then done ) but punish the people who rush with something strong and powerful. Its a normal gamer instinct to rush in.
  6. anything made with unreal looks good. Dont get your hopes up though
  7. Banks

    Kumo's Party

    I like roleplay
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