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  1. some1 tell pine jack to stop bullying me he makes me verry mad and yestorday i puched my mom coz what he said to me yestorday adman pleas e ban him this instandt
  2. u rong stevo that is incorect why would u evan say that
  3. Thank you bro everyone ismean 2 me on forums and games and you are a very good persun for stiking up 4 me
  4. hillo everyone my name is generic goblin and some people just call me goblin and i am new to the community. im only 10 and i dont play games verry much because i am a verry busy boy because i get lots of homework. i play on imperial rp and i love 2 rp. i hate bullies and last year i used to get bullyed by mean kids in my year but they got in trouble. thats all their is about me and see you on the batle field!!
  5. ok se ya mate i dont know you but you if you have any ban request/reports go to the ban/report section please mate
  6. 1. i am sorry i just wanted to help 2. its pathetic that you need to have a huge text and make it red so you seem "superior"
  7. yeah pinejack you poo brain my event is better then yous and i am going to sue you for copy write because yor event was 2 simulur to mine!!!!
  8. i haved an idea for an event. my idea is everyone goes to a plantet and lines up and waits 4 an mission that they dont get told coz its top secret. and then a droid shots a rocket at everyone and everyone dies and then we need to go back to the ship so we do and then the droid is never seen again and then everyone is sad because all there friends died and it will be a good event. please consider my idea thank u
  9. In-game alias: goblin Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:123656506 When was the ban: 2-3 Months ago How long is the ban: Permanent Which admin banned you: Cannot Remember Explain the situation: I was playing on imperial rp, i was fairly new to garrys mod and rp when a man started yelling "PTS is active Smart-arses, next one who breaks it cops it" i didn't now what PTS was and my friend taught me the other day it means Permission to speak. So i asked the man what PTS was and i got banned for Disobeying admins and breaking pts. I understand what the admin thought when i sayed
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