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  1. Can u change it to Arviam Thanks
  2. Hey could u change mine to: Jag / Larry
  3. +1 Good app good looking pac and have seen you walk out of isb a few times Good luck
  4. What does a name Have to do with pac Cool ur jets Hope u get it Epic u deserve it +1
  5. Haven't seen you on the server. Verry good pac. Not enough time Neutral
  6. Jag

    Larry Pac3 Tier 1

    Finally fixed my single player check the picture
  7. Happy new years bday thing ur welcome tackxo ;D
  8. pac is very good +1 good luck
  9. Jag

    Larry Pac3 Tier 1

    I will be more active. Unfortunately My Gmod has done something weird cause i cant play single player it just kills me then i cant respawn and have to close Gmod. I'm sorry if I offended u?
  10. Hi My Name Is Larry I joined in July 10-20 i have a very high interest in aviation i was an st for about 1 week until i found that navy were doing pilot tryouts unfortunately this was a bad time to join as all the pilots left within 3 days and wasn't able to get a commanding role model if i had to command at some point 2 weeks later @Hermann joined as pilot commander at this point me and him became friends after a while he had also left leaving me at sub-lieutenant we still didn't really have any pilots and i still didn't know how to command properly. Fortunately i had the courage to do tryout
  11. Jag

    Larry Pac3 Tier 1

    We are barley used in events except for the beginning and when in events and we can fly it's to lagy cause there are 110 people on. and yes we can fly when we want but its flying for 5 mins then saying every thing is clear then landing. Hopefully now the reg is apparently full we can do training now
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