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  1. Its all good, Baileys guide worked for me. Thanks Guys
  2. Ever since the update of the map last night, I have been unable to get into the server. It keeps telling me "Map differs from the server" even though I have the all the content. Please Help LCPL Jordan, MP
  3. +1 Good Guy, Uses PAC to the best ability. Creates PAC's improve RP, Very trustworthy and I know will not abuse. Goodluck.
  4. What is your In-game name: Acting Agent Gideon Hask Steam ID: TicTac159 Steam link: STEAM_0:0:135944958 Play time: 3 Weeks and 4 Days Have you used PAC Before: Yes but very minimal amount on single player Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I can be trusted with PAC as I have not received any warns nor have I ever abused tools. I believe that I am a very trustworthy person and being in Inferno Squad I believe I could improve my RP experience. Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph): PAC would allow me to use actions or ge
  5. I like the new Debrief area. Cant Wait
  6. Steam Name: TicTac159 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:135944958 In game name and rank: Jordan (ISB Operative) Acting Agent Gideon Hask Time Played: 1307 hours on Gmod and 3 Weeks 4 days (UPDATE) Why are you applying for this position? I’m applying for Trial Moderator as I have enjoyed my experience on the server and love what it has become. I would like to contribute more to the community by becoming Trial Moderator; this would allow me to assist some of the staff when dealing with mass RDM or multiple admin tickets. I have been on the server and experienced what
  7. +1 Very Active seen your event descriptions sound cool cant wait for more if you get EM good luck -Aphrodite, Royal Guard Leading Instructor
  8. -1 Sorry dude but you are a bit inactive therefore I have to give it a -1. with all due respect your are a cool dude but if you were a bit more active it would be a +1 -Aphrodite, Royal GuardLading Instructor
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