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  1. I dont see how but k, if your willing to explain then im all ears
  2. Fair points there except im a bit confused on the whole "advertising part" because all i said was "Plus one ples" now idk if u took that as advertisement or a joke but tbh i wanted u to have a run over it cause your my mate
  3. Just putting out the reasons cause i dont want people to be influenced, i want people to have their own opinions
  4. Again "Plus one ples *link to app" idk if that falls under advertising or having a joke with a mate
  5. Advertising app included me saying to imposing "Plus one ples *Link to this page*" now idk if that consists of advertising or having a joke with a mate
  6. for 1. Ive never seen you before and how new are you to the server 2. Telling people to F* off because they arent doing their job properly isnt player disrespect and if u have proper evidence of me disrespecting players then by all means bring it forward, but don't use that reason without evidence to back it up
  7. What is your In-game name: Aquila (changing it back to Predator next time I get on) Steam ID: 76561198088794546 Steam link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198088794546/ Play time: 1130 hours in gmod and 3 weeks (1 and a half weeks before the reset ages ago and 1 week 6 days and 15 hours after reset) Have you used PAC Before: No, but I have seen it been used Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I can be trusted because I have no history of abusing glitches, abuse of players, staff or any game mechanic. I don’t see the point in exploiting game glitches because it ruins the experience for me and other players. I try to do my best in everything I do and achieve. Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph): I see PAC 3 as a DLC to the server and I think it would be a very nice effect on my gameplay and roleplaying ability. I believe that it will be good visually and physically on the server and I suggest more people should use it for the “immersion” for the role playing effect. I like the effect it has on the server and it looks more "official" for example: If you are presenting a speech and have your hands behind you back pacing on the stage. Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): I think I deserve it because I am a solid and hard worker for the server, I help staff out whenever I get the chance to and if they require my help I will oblige, I have put many hours into the server and helping out mates and staff on the server, as well as regiments. As stated in the paragraph before, I would like to have my game to have a nice, fresh and new touch to the atmosphere (EDIT: CHANGED COLOURS)
  8. TBH ive always liked clone wars, i find it has a better variety and the are more options. I have grown bored of imperialism and i want a change, i know being the "good guy" isnt always fun but neither is being the bad guy. And delta squad will become a thing
  9. Who said we cant burn down villages Plus there is deathwatch to go against and sith
  10. I say we start a petition to get Apollo his T-Mod
  11. Yeah same i just stare into space for like 20 minutes and then i'm like oh shit i have a job to do
  12. +1 If you have IRL issues Kingsbury should at least get a second look over this. This is my point of view but he does have quite a bit of experience with moderating and being an admin on servers.
  13. +1 Good bloke and serious rp'er. I like how you have ran Rancor and i think it will be good for you regiment and the server if you become T-mod
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