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  1. Rickle basically sums it up. -Good Luck -Vortex
  2. +1 Corvo is nice Respectful Imaginative Trustworthy Friendly and many things more. Neutral Points. You really want things to go your way and disagree if you don't want something to be done. Negative points (NONE) -Good Luck -Vortex
  3. Hyperion and Sully summed up what should have been said. The only time I have seen you was when I and the 501st or VF bump into each other, even then you don't talk with me at all. Neutral. -Good Luck -Vortex
  4. Have to agree here with Bailey and that was a bad thing to do for being demoted. You should take what they said into consideration and use it to improve yourself.
  5. Rickle basically said everything that needs to be said, PAC examples 100% need more complexity. -Good Luck -Vortex
  6. This applications is lacking so much detail, for that reason I will be leaving a -1. -Good Luck -Vortex
  7. Bump Update: Steam User name: [IG] Vortex Rank:Templar Playtime: 3w 2d 7h
  8. I prefer my chicken nuggets not burnt so -1 Congrats on vader you mad lad.
  9. +1 Great Guy in game Good Pac3 examples Very Mature Trustworthy Shown he can improve himself in many ways if given a chance All my interactions have been positive.
  10. +1 Active Friendly Mature Application has a lot of detail in his application Very good with Pac3 Has a lot of examples good examples that might help with RP.
  11. +1 So much experience. Active Nice guy Good Leader No bad interactions
  12. Update Rank changed to Warrior in Sith Marauders. Playtime Update: 2 weeks 6 days 12 hours and 30 minutes. Sorry for not updating before now, I didn't really have much of anything to add so I waited for a bit. Thanks for all the replies and any feedback given.
  13. 9. Must have less than 2 bans to apply (Depending on the situation). 6. Failing to meet the requirements can lead to either your app being put on hold or denied. Gonna have to neutral, if you can explain why you got banned and how it happened twice, I might change my mind to a +1 if I see improvements and you got 2 bans so I am unsure if you can be trusted with this role or are even gonna take it seriously. Although it was a long time ago you still did get 2 permanent bans which is hard. Positives: Active Detailed Application Good intentions usually Negative: 2 bans -Good Luck
  14. Gonna have to Neutral this because you were very rude to me when we were doing saber duels when it was under 20 people. When I apologized over teamspeak you said you were a bit drunk but from your app it says your 14, I don't know which parents would allow a child that young to drink. Either you lied about that to me or your parents supplied you the drink which I don't think is what they did and I don't think an EM should be doing that kind of stuff to people who didn't do anything to you. Willing to change to a +1 if I see a large change in our interactions and your general behavior. Go
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