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  1. I myself have had little to no interaction with you but based on what has already been said I think you would suit the role. +1 Good luck. Vortex.
  2. I can't agree more with what Helsing said, he is an amazing member of Marauders and deserves a shot at EM. Good Luck -Vortex
  3. +1 Known Ares for a while now and I have never seen him abuse or use anything in a way that would ruin other peoples RP, he would do well with PAC and that is why I leave my +1 -Good Luck -Vortex
  4. The Marauder PAC's can without a doubt be improved but everything else is looking good. -Good Luck -Vortex
  5. Bump Rank change: Harbinger in Sith Marauders Play time: 3w 3d 18h
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