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  1. brotha we want let that shit slide
  2. This has never been a major rule dating back to the start of the community dude, it's just something people say at the end of events like "Hey by the way guys watch your fire" it's not even closely related with rdm so don't compare. agreed troopers shouldn't fire at jedi's whilst sith are fighting them though these aren't troopers, these are players who run around with a group of their friends killing npc's whilst using code words and planned movements (no matter what you do, it will always occur and always has) Love, Brownie
  3. Be ready lad, I'll PK duel yeeh for it
  4. it honestly does if you look at it from different angles tbh
  5. I'll threaten to divorce Caboose then he'll have to make the change lads
  6. Lads buying a Choccy milk in an hour, I'll keep yous updated
  7. How exactly do you go from me simply asking whether he was demoted for people not liking him in the position to me radicalizing players into thinking he left due to a conspiracy. Yes it is certainly his choice to leave by all means he can stay or go, all i'm doing is expressing free speech and the right to criticize such as me saying "I think it's bullshit that someone can leave the server and strike deals with others for a position at the top". And yes I am annoyed, he clearly stated that there was a deal that he planned to have which would make him and his friends prophets. ---------
  8. You sure he didn't leave because he lost his rank? And how exactly did 'minges' abuse their friendships? Surprisingly if that is true then why didn't he leave previously rather than leaving each time his role was in danger? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sorry lads but IG or any other sane community is not a safe space for sensitive children/men so how about you take opinions and questionable arguments i
  9. @FrenchyFriesHow about you don't corner all sith into one group due to others messing around. As you are a staff member of the server I was expecting a more serious and positive reply that actually challenges my post and hoping you would be the bigger man and respond civilized.
  10. wasn't he demoted because people were annoyed of him? and if you care ever so bit about this server then why would you just up and go after losing a position AGAIN. I have seen players lose positions over and over and over etc, though you leave after 1 - 2 demotions even though you were pretty much launched from not even a member to one of the highest positions (sounds fair too me) If you think all the sith are childish/immature then why wouldn't you accept the general rank? would have been a great RP opportunity but nope, likely not because you couldn't exactly shine light over your s
  11. Nah aye not even old. Around when Caboose, Moose, Banks, Basilisk & me were IC is nostalgic af
  12. Pls I little Albanian child in need of your supprt. Pls gimme card and ill giv skins (I'm in lads)
  13. +1 Boi you have been with the community for quite the time and I do think you deserve a chance at T-Mod, for all we know you could turn to be the fairest staff member of all <3 gl
  14. Suna the next famous horror movie director?
  15. Thus the day special Marcus was rid of from thy forums
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