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  1. You're absolutely shit at driving.
  2. @pinejack@Gylfi@StephanoHi all. Unfortunately it may seem that I have copied Pluto, but I have not done that. I know that if I was to copy another application, I would be insta-denied. I would absolutely never do something like that. I have come to love and enjoy this server and I wouldn't want something like that to ruin it. I would like for you to have another read, I have done the best to my ability to change everything that may have made it seem like I was copying Pluto which I swear to you I wasn't. Thank you all for your feedback, time and support. Have a good one fellas.
  3. You have put a good amount of effort into your application. You have a lot of past experience from previous servers. Very active on the server as I have seen you a lot. You are willing to put in a good amount of effort to help with the events and make our server a good place for new players. You'll be amazing for this position. Good luck my dude. A Massive +1 from me!
  4. +1 - Respectful - Loyal - Calm Overall Stryker is an amazing guy. Brilliant at building!
  5. Thank you for your feedback Cronos, I shall try my best to put in more detail. Appreciate it.
  6. Steam Name: ☭Boneless☭Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:50232333 In game name and rank: Junior Agent Boneless Time Played: 02w 0d 0h 56m 40Why are you applying for this position?: I am applying for this position because I have come to love and enjoy this server and it's amazing community but also because I have spend a lot of my time on this server and I have found that I enjoy taking part in leadership roles and i would absolutely love to be a Moderator on this server and help new players that come onto our server, I have quite enjoyed spending my time on this server myself and would love to make it a
  7. Delighted to make your acquaintance, Lord Imposing
  8. Hello friends and comrades, it is an honour to meet you lovely people. I am Boneless, and I have worked at Dominos serving Customers Boneless Pizza and two litre of coke and casually Boneless Dip. It has been a honour joining this server and meeting friendly people and having a good time. I will continue to spread my Boneless religion throughout the server and I hope that you join my kind and caring religion. Thank you for your time. Boneless Pizza.mp3
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