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  1. P.S I'm trying to contact an event master, see if we can make this an event tonight
  2. -1 THINGS YOU NEED TO IMPROVE ON: -You say you're VERY experienced in PAC, but have provided no examples. -Your application is very white, and unpleasing to look at -Being in ISB is not a way to gauge how trustworthy you are, rather, rank is much more substantial. And you are a constable, which (correct me if i'm wrong) Is the lowest rank you can be in ISB. Just because i'm an ST doesn't necessarily make me untrustworthy, because i have proven myself by getting to where i am now. And i've seen many regiments have VERY mingey people be a part of them, even some of the ones w
  3. If anyone has seen Jman recently...you know what i'm talking about...
  4. Fare well Greyback <3
  5. -1 As whitey puts it Your application is a direct representation of your who you are, and is what we use to gauge whether or not you are trustworthy to use the program or not. Currently, your PAC answers are brief and bland, and the application, overall, suffers because of this. However, this isn't the end. I would recommend looking at accepted PAC applications to see what kind of effort should be put into these things, and i would recommend doing it quickly ALSO, Demonstrate at least some interest in learning how to use PAC if you never have before, and pe
  6. A unique idea having an interrogation PAC, however... You mention that you've been playing on IG for almost a year, yet your play time says otherwise... This suggests to me that you've been rather...inactive i'll put it as... Another thing, as Twinkie mentioned, you claim to be Quite decent at PAC, yet provide no examples. Thus, we cannot judge your claimed skills. I wish you luck, however, it's a -1 from me
  7. REASONS WHY CARNIFEX SHOULD GET TIER 2 1. He's Carnifex 2. He's Carnifex 3. He's Carnifex 4. Did i mention he's Carnifex? +1
  8. Farewell Boris It was brilliant while it lasted
  9. @Whitey http://imperialgamingau.invisionzone.com/topic/2753-imperial-awards-and-a-little-imperialwhats-going-on/
  11. -1 This alone demonstrates that you are not in any way shape or form deserving of PAC. You've just shown me that -You lash out a people who provide criticism -You have no desire to put any effort into trying to obtain this privilege -And that you clearly don't deserve it, especially when you consider the other points of criticism people have provided about you thus far.
  12. I've seen Proto around a little bit, and judging by what others have said, you seem quite trust worthy. I can see that you have put A LOT of effort into these PAC's, and they are quite unique and stunning. +1
  13. Seen you around, and people seem to be taking good notice of you. Not to mention, your PAC's are quite beautiful +1
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