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  1. +1 Everyone has already made great points about why Lincoln should have PAC, and i agree with them
  2. Your application is DEFINITELY an improvement However, I have gone on about this on many other applications, and it can make or break the application for many of us, and that is: MAKE ORIGINAL PAC IDEAS PLEASE FOR THE SAKE OF OUR SANITY!!! The amount of people, who make an application, that show them holding a hologram projector, some guns on their back, and a cape, is mind boggling! And as @pinejack mentioned, you cant really use a droid until you have Tier 2, and have access to the jiggle tool, otherwise the droid looks quite silly being so rigid on its att
  4. This trailer looks much better
  5. My boy Shader made this...it was too good to not share He made the image, not the PAC...the PAC is my thing
  6. Umm... @corpseymc2 this is the wrong place to put this, head to the ban appeal section of the forums to make a ban appeal application Also, when you do make the ban appeal, please follow the template that is provided to you over there. Your other appeal was locked because of this reason
  7. Stevo was getting anxious that no one responded... So i come here to deliver salvation
  8. addamcor

    Sorry Arkas

    It's funny since (To my knowledge atleast) Wolf and Whitey still haven't come to a DEFINITE conclusion of what Arkas's punishment should be
  9. +1 -Very nice, AND ORIGINAL PAC ideas -Active -Friendly guy -I trust that he WILL NOT abuse PAC -Detailed and well written application These PAC ideas are quite beautiful, and are implemented well into Jimka's character I believe that Jimka DEFINITELY deserves PAC and that he will not abuse the privilege Good luck ~Hornet
  10. THE FULL LIST IS HERE However, please attempt to watch the video before just reading the awards, I try to put effort into these videos and make them enjoyable to watch
  11. +1 -Very friendly -Nice, original PACS -Trustworthy -Active member of the community -Beautiful and unique application template, demonstrating that he cares Good luck ~ Hornet
  12. -1 I haven't seen you personally too much, so i was going to leave this application without saying anything until something showed up to change my mind. Something changed my mind... Your first PAC images were basic beyond belief. -Some guns on your back -A laser sight that doesn't even have the end point hidden -you wearing a cape and having a belt. -And you holding a hologram that isn't even on your hand, it's floating above it. But then you released your next set of 3 images... In particular, i want to focus on these 2 images:
  13. Where do you think i got the song from? *Cough cough* theatre *cough cough*
  14. ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED Come back here tomorrow to see the results!
  15. @Whitey What could i possibly do on April fools...
  16. @Whitey 1st of April, entries are closed on the 31st
  17. +1 Alex is an excellent role-model and is someone I know I can trust with anything I've seen him grow and become a great commander by my side, and i believe i have an old ST test lying around somewhere with him entering his rank as a CPL on it. I know FOR A FACT that if he will try to learn the tool and use it to the best of its capabilities, and that he can be completely trusted. Good luck P.S Alex, i would recommend spending some time in single player and making a few PACS of original ideas to demonstrate your knowledge
  18. I could've done better, but it was late and i didn't want to wake neighbours by belting the lyrics to make them sound better...Also my chair was comfy, so i was sitting
  19. So...i was in an event...and the spawn broke...making it impossible for me to partake in said event....so for the time i was stranded...i decided to sing to pass the time [Thanks for the help @Chef] and after the brief interruption, ended up singing to an audience [Half of which i didn't know was there] on the star destroyer It's certainly not my best performance. I hadn't warmed my voice up what so ever and i was sitting down for the duration of the song, WHICH IS REALLY DIFFICULT! Oh well... We should also bring back Imperials got talent guys!
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