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  1. Farewell Pavonis, and good travels ;-;
  2. Hang on...I've got a google doc here of all the drinks on the specials list... Romodi’s Pleasure Juice: -White wine -Fizzy Soda -Felucian Berry Sauce in a spiral pattern on top -wine and soda stirred gently
  3. It's the Imperial Bar man, of the officers lounge! renowned for serving drinks on his specials menu such as 'Hutts Delight' or 'Romodi's Pleasure Juice' To all who enter
  4. How about the Imperial Bar man @Zeta? He deserves some love
  5. @ISBRommel Hornet - A sad Storm trooper Brigadier Story
  6. Heeeeey!!! I remember reviewing that film for a media assignment
  7. Hornet wouldn't get a very good story arc...it would just be him yelling and crying in a corner
  8. Probably no point since the Grand Moff has ordered an execution of John Shover... Reason: Not giving him a first place in any awards
  9. LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!!! IT IS HERE! I tried to get it to export to 1080P, but for some reason, Adobe didn't like that...i dont know why. I'll say this again, please watch the video before seeing the compiled results down below, i put a lot of effort into these videos, and i don't want to see all the effort go to waste. AWARD RESULTS:
  10. It's not THAT bad...it gets bad when the secretaries show up and all the troopers make them prostitutes, or when the secretaries are EQUALLY drunk and ask the grand mop where the moffs are...
  11. Hello Tex. I just wanted to clear up the term 'avoiding ST training' quickly 'Avoiding ST training' wouldn't be classed as those reasons you listed. going AFK because because of real life is perfectly acceptable, and my officers know to well that i am often interrupted by real life meaning that they have to hold a portion of the training without me. [Which i am very grateful for]. All we do is move you out of the way slightly, so when you do come back, you can resume the training. Which many ST's have done before and will continue to do. 'Avoiding ST training' is classed
  12. Nice update! School has finished absorbing my soul with SACs and has left me sick, But i'll be happy to enjoy this update tomorrow!
  13. ENTRIES ARE CLOSED! the announcement video is now in the works...however, school is taking my life for a week so it will most likely be delayed
  14. This is like when Event masters make up ranks for themselves Event master: "Greetings troopers! I am your Brigadier General! and i will be leading the mission" Me: "But...Brigadier General is just a Brigadier" Event master: "No, it is different!" Me: "No, It's the same" I proceed to put forward an internet article stating the fact they are equal Event master: "NO! I'm higher!" Proceeds to put forward article mentioning different ranks were made in different sectors
  15. @Lachlan CONSOLE Grand_Moff_Tarkin killed Alderaan using weapon_deathstar
  16. @Anthony I'm fairly certain you need to present it to Cody, who will then later in the timeline propose it to Whitey
  17. RIGHT! Everyone is still making terrible suggestion for awards... 1. No awards for minges, they don't deserve awards. 2. This awards system isn't designed to label people as 'the worst BLANK'. The biggest potato award is a joke, and is designed to SOUND like a joke. Whoever will receive that award knows that it isn't serious. 3. A lot of the suggestions have already been done. For example, i have had people suggest the best pilot award, or something around pilots. Thats was literally done last month. 4. I try to stay away from awards that are so specific, we KNOW only
  18. +1 -Has been a long term member of this community -Is trusted by those around him -Has some unique PAC creations such as the facial visor when typing that demonstrates PAC competence. -Answers are detailed and have had effort put into them In conclusion, I believe that Vort does deserve the privilege to use PAC and that he has met all of my criteria for someone who deserves PAC Good luck Signed: ~ Hornet
  19. ENTRIES ARE CLOSED! the announcement video is now in the works...however, school is taking my life for a week so it will most likely be delayed
  20. addamcor

    Multiple Binds

    I decided to wander on over here and see what was going on with this [I don't even know if this is still relevant or not] But i have never experienced this problem. I've been able to create multiple PAC binds perfectly fine. I would suggest [Although unlikely] that your PAC names are too similar. Try making them completely different such as Primary_weapon or Primwep and Secondary_gun or Secgun Thats my suggestion
  21. == STEAM DETAILS == STEAM NAME: addamcor STEAM ID: STEAM_1:0:40275950 LINK: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198040817628 == INGAME DETAILS == INGAME NAME: Hornet INGAME RANK: Brigadier INGAME REGIMENT: The Storm Trooper Corps TIME PLAYED ON SERVER: Currently, about a week. but before server times were wiped I clocked in around 4 weeks. I Apologise for being unable to currently submit a physical screenshot, or accurate time. I have been away from home, and thus cannot access the server to get an actual physical time - Hope you underst
  23. +1 Keta has served in this community, and has benefited this community GREATLY He's very trustworthy and is willing to help out others He understands and is willing to use PAC to improve RP for himself and those around And he's just a great guy in general I believe he ABSOLUTELY Deserves this Good luck ~Hornet
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